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Haziyah Ali
Listing created by Haziyah Ali on July 02, 2014    

Aileen Tan was both Miss Photogenic and the first runner-up for a televised competition; Star Search 1988. 

She catapulted to fame after acting in dramatic television show called 'Bond Of Love'. The aforementioned television show was even labelled as the 'Best Family Drama' at Malaysia, Sarawak. She migrated from the Mandarin to the English language channel shows via a local television drama; Growing Up.   She was also known as the actress involved in the show called 'Red Thread' whereby she performed alongside Adrian Pang.

Aileen Tan succeeded in attaining the 'Best Actress' award during the Star Awards ceremony in 2001.

Apart from being an actress onscreen, she is also capable of acting in theatres like 'I Have A Date With Spring'.


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Experienced, talented, amazing

Aileen Tan indeed cuts as an extremely visible figure in the Channel 8 drama 'Entangled', where she plays a scheming, rich CEO who realises over time the value of family through the loss of her son and the slow acceptance of her husband's illegitimate son. Indeed, the motherly looking actress fits smoothly into any role, regardless of being the villian or the good guy.

I grew up watching Aileen Tan on TV, and over time, I grew to notice several signature moves that made her such a success in the Singapore film scene over the past few decades. Significantly, her ability to control her emotions to give the right mix to the context and atmosphere of the scene was of no small help. I always liked the way she delves into her role, you can feel no sign of pretense when you watch her, and she stands out starkly from junior actors, where there is a feeling of awkwardness suggesting that they are still trying to come to grabs with the story.

One other thing i like about her is her openness to trying English drama serials. Unlike some other veteran actors, whose traditionalist mindset may have prompted them not to try out English drama serials which are commonly watched by a signifcantly different segment of the TV population, she was not afraid to appear in serials such as Mata Mata, despite it being distinctly observable that she is having some trouble speaking really smooth english.

In summary, shes experienced, talented and amazing! Most notably for her effort in Mata Mata!

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