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Singaporean actress and radio dj personality Vernetta Lopez first became popular after her role in the english sitcom Under One Room as daughter Denise. A familiar voice on the radio after she started out at Heart 91.3 fm, before she moved to 98.7fm and subsequently gold 90.5 fm.


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Versatile like fluid

One of the primary reason why I admire Lopez is attributed to her incredible versatility in the different roles. Flexible like fluid, she's able to switch quickly from comedic characters in hit comedy shows (eg: Under One House) to intense and serious characters in other drama serials (eg: First Touch, The Pupil).

I think that is real, hard skills we're talking about in the acting industry. Oh and let us be reminded again, that she started off as a DJ which means she must really have invested effort into both the industries that she has decided to venture into.

She's not an unfamiliar face on Channel 5, and I'm actually extremely comfortable with her starring in multiple shows. It surprisingly doesn't get boring to watch her play out different individuals in different drama serials and in fact it becomes rather fascinating to watch how well she blends in with different characters.

All these brilliant acting skills coupled with a amiable disposition, pleasant face and fluent speech makes her extremely likeable in my opinion.

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(Updated: April 01, 2013)


She drew in the deepest impression when she was casted in Singapore's legendary TV show, Under One Roof. She acted as the daughter that dripped with humour. Her acting skills was like an oiled robot which soon transformed into a real being. She was rather mechanical albeit not too severe, during the first season. Soon, I witnessed her honing her acting skills per season. She's now Grammy worthy.

Media didn't cover her mysterious case. The case of vanishing on screen. Hence, I have yet to know the main reason.

One day, my family and I scoured Singapore in search for an eye popping designed car. We ventured into the Honda compound. Low and behold! There she was standing by a newly displayed Honda car, with a microphone in her hand. She articulated her speech involving the car fluently. Her confidence upon the car and her speech radiated across the room. Impressive. Her advertising skills were so splendid, I witnessed many making a beeline to purchase this particular car soon after.

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Very professional

I met Vernetta Lopez in person when I was getting the car decal of Class 95. I remembered it was the car park behind Singapore Indoor Stadium. It was an open area and she was dressed very casually.

I had to queue for a while before I got to her to get the car decal together with some free gifts. It was just a few seconds interaction and during that few seconds, I sensed she was very professional. There must have been at least fifty cars before me but she was still able to maintain her smile when she was handing over the gifts to me and able to maintain a friendly greeting. Even the front desk personnel from the top hotels may not be able to do as well as her.

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