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Averlynn Lim
Listing created by Averlynn Lim on December 05, 2012    

She has been in Mediacorp since 1997, and has since starred in numerous TV dramas. She can also sing, having came up with her solo Mandarin album in the year 2000. 


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My Goddess

Yvonne Lim is a beautiful actress that Mediacorp should feel proud of. Not only can she host, she can act equally well. Her flawless skin has also garnered her some bonus points to her career as she signed to an advertising contract on skin products.

However, she has not been reaping what she sows and I feel bad for her. I hope that Yvonne Lim will be able to receive the awards that she deserves very soon.

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Yvonne Lim is talented in her ability to portray distinctive characters authentically. She is versatile in capturing the essence of each character she plays by expressing their emotions well. Take for instance, the latest channel 8 drama series she starred in, Break Free. In Break Free, she plays a counsellor who goes out of her way to help four ex-convicts, eventually falling in love with one of them. She is very convincing in depicting a good social worker and counsellor.

However, unlike other talented actresses, she is consistently underrated. She has not won any major awards in Mediacorp’s Star Awards and has not been given the same recognition that other equals have been.

She is vivacious in person, having observed her from a distance some years ago when she came back to her secondary school, also my secondary school, for a visit in a Mediacorp van. Also sentimental, she was busy looking for her Lao Shi, her Chinese teacher to say ‘hi’ to while she was back in school.

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(Updated: August 09, 2013)

Pretty and acts well

She has the looks, nice features and nice healthy skin. She also acts well and convincingly. I remember that she once acted as a psychologist who lost her mind and became evil after being raped. Her acting was really good, probably the best actress in Singapore currently. She seems to be highly underrated and unappreciated though.

Oh my god, wow, I just made a quick search and found out that she is 36 this year! She certainly doesn't look like it. She will probably be as ageless as Fann Wong.

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Vanished veteran has returned!

She is certainly no stranger in Singapore's media realm. However, it's been centuries since I've last seen her onscreen. I recalled seeing her act in some television drama on Channel 8 several years ago. She was shedding so much waterworks in such a natural manner. I'd grab buckets and pails if I were to co-work with her though. It'd certainly be sufficient to fill up a barren reservoir to the brim.

I tuned into Channel 8 recently and was taken aback when I saw Yvonne Lim back onscreen, acting. Apparently, she is a counsellor who aids the troubled ones. I have yet to see her dabbing her eyes with wads of Kleenex. Her face exuded the same radiant youthfulness it had centuries before she vanished. What cream did she use? How did she conquer the pervading nemesis called wrinkles? Yvonne Lim, sharing is caring. Humans nationwide hereby awaits; for her revelation involving skin care that is.

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The Pinnacle of Sadness

Singapore has many good-looking Mandarin celebrities, many outspoken and charming celebrities, but honestly very few who can act. Definitely, it isn’t easy juggling many factors all at once: script lines, camera angle, facial gestures, body language, mannerism and the list goes on. Out of these, I feel that the most lacking are pronunciation and lack of emotions.

Yvonne Lim, in my opinion, is the best actress in portraying the exact emotion the character is supposed to be. You will never be caught in that situation whereby you can’t decide what the actor is feeling because there is a slight grin on his face or his lack of emotions make you suspect if it was a hint foreshadowing a twist in the plot to reveal a different side of him as the story unfolds – but usually, it’s just poor acting.

Her most iconic roles are acting as a mentally unstable and erratic lady which she executes it so naturally, which requires very high level of acting skills. Unlike most other actors, her close-up scenes are actually more captivating. You can really see the veins on her temples popping out when she holds back her tears or when she has a mental breakdown, and her eyes, they tell a story of pain; Such real emotions cannot be faked with eyedrops or make up.

She also has a pleasant face, a likeable personality off-screen, and good pronunciation of Mandarin words. I will vote for her as Best Actress in Hong Xing Da Jiang!

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My favourite schizophrenic

Along with Eelyn Kok, a perennial favourite for the cold-blooded antagonist, scheming third party or definitely insane characters. Though she’s fairly versatile, there is a reason why these are her defining roles— she excels in them. A lesser actress would fail horribly at playing some of the complex and layered characters that Yvonne Lim gets. Characters which are especially interesting when compared to the often flat Mary Sue damsel-in-distress female leads.

Thankfully, she isn’t exactly pigeonholed in these roles, with her occasionally landing juicy protagonist roles. But Yvonne Lim is still underrated regardless, though I’m not really seeing as much of her onscreen as a few years back.

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