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Averlynn Lim
Listing created by Averlynn Lim on December 05, 2012    

At 16, she was the first runner up of Mediacorp's campus superstar talent competition. After the competition she began performing in a variety of TV programmes and also started her acting career.


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Young, Youthful, yearning

Young, Youthful, Yearning - those three words seem to the strike out at me from Teresa's face. Back in those days, I was a crazy fan of anything chinese - as long as anyone was speaking in chinese, I would watch fervently. She was speaking in chinese - particularly in Campus Superstar.

With the young contestants that were participating, she stood out with her face that seemed to resemble someone that I know. Her warm and friendly smile was defintely a major factor in winning me over.

Young - she was young and she was daring. I was young too, and if only I had the guts like her to stand in front of a crowd so large and sing my heart out. Even then, she was youthful - her steps on stage were filled with energy and zest, always riling up the crowd to sing along to her catchy beats. And finally, she was yearning - yearning for the fame of a young artist; yearning for the glory of the final prize of recognition.

And in her, I found myself - but of course, I never did make it to the stage at all.

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