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Averlynn Lim
Listing created by Averlynn Lim on December 05, 2012    

Previously taking on only tomboyish roles, she has started to take on more feminine roles. From Muar, malaysia, she has been happily married to Penang business man boyfriend in June 2010.


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Young, New face

I think the first time I saw her I was very draw to her face - she was a new face that I hadn't seen in Mediacorp shows before, young, but she had a look that was somewhat ordinary. While Mediacorp has a reputation for taking in pretty faces, she has a more girl next door look. I think I managed to catch her in a few shows where she took on more boyish roles because of her short hair, which turned out great because it her spunky hairstyle really helped to add on to the more vigourous attitude of her character. However, no matter how brash her character was, there would also be a hidden storyline in how another guy character would fall in love with her and look past her exterior toyboyishness.

However, out of her roles as a tomboy, she is usually dressed presentably - even though she has an ordinary face, with makeup, she looks stunning.

I hope to see more of her performances.

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Rou Gu Mei!

The Singaporean audiences first knew her as “Rou Gu Mei” from The Golden Path. She far outshone the female lead, and I guess the fact that I don’t recall who she was serves as proof. (Was it Felicia Chin?) Though she did land meatier roles in Singaporean productions after this, none were as outstanding as “Rou Gu Mei”.

But for all intents and purposes, she is a decent actress. Significantly better than most of the acting rookies flooding the screens of Singaporean television (though to be fair, she isn’t a rookie). As a bonus, she does not fade into the background and possesses a healthy amount of screen presence. Luckily, she doesn’t mangle her Chinese like many of her Malaysian-born counterparts.

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