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Averlynn Lim
Listing created by Averlynn Lim on December 05, 2012    

Married to local artise Alan Tern, Priscelia, also known as Zeng Shi Mei, she works on Channel 8 and 5 of Mediacorp. She is effectively bilingual and has won numerous awards for her hosting and acting. 


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Irresistible Lady Charm

I think she's downright gorgeous. It's not just her slender physique (something which amazes me every time I see her) or that radiant captivating face - it's the lady charm she so naturally exudes that captures my attention.

She has always played rather toned down roles - characters that are relatively restraint in their emotions, or the damsel in distress. I think these roles are very suitable for her, perhaps because she is like this in reality too.

This gentle and dainty image of her seem to be cast in stone for when she played a significantly more aggressive role in the hit drama serial 'The Journey: A Voyage", her acting appeared a lot less natural and a majority of the audience said they were rather uncomfortable with this image of her.

Regardless, she can be considered a veteran in the acting industry and has garnered the support and respect of her fans.

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(Updated: April 01, 2013)

Not enough opportunities to display talent.

Priscelia Chan is a really nice lady in real life; I would know this for I see her once every year at my church for an event and even took a photo and had small talk with her once. She's really friendly and I could sense her sincerity when I saw her thanking a child who expressed how much she liked Priscelia's acting. Unfortunately for the husband Alan Tern, though, who doesn't seem to get as much attention from people. I guess it's because he hardly appears in main roles of TV shows, but this review isn't about him, so moving on!

I can actually still vaguely remember her role in Heartlanders, thinking what a beauty she was, and comparing her then and now, her image really hasn't changed till today. Unfortunately, nowadays I hardly see her appear on television anymore, and I can only seem to recall her 'recent' appearances to be minor roles rather than major ones. My verdict is that she is a diverse actress who can portray different behaviours and emotions, but only in small forgettable roles.

Maybe it is because her acting does not (or is unable to) stand out from the actors who frequent large roles, but there must be something lacking about her for casting directors not to cast her, or maybe she isn't aiming for big roles, I don't know. I do hope we get to see her appear on the television again, with a more major role, preferably one that allows her to show off the amount of potential she has as an actress.

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Beauty from within

The first time I saw Priscelia Chan on TV, my first thought was that she is really beautiful. And her beauty comes from her smile which always seems so genuine. Although she isn't as popular as other top stars, I think she has a really nice character.

However, it is a pity that she often only gets minor roles on TV and thus did not have the opportunity to showcase her talent.

But nevertheless, she found her love through this career. And I am happy to see her and Alan Tern together because they really look like a match made in heaven. Every time she updates her Instagram on her personal life, I could feel how blissful she is and hope that they would last forever.

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Chio Eve

Admittedly, I did not know of her before watching Happy Fish, but her portrayal as a kampung gal in the drama really sold onto me. Her character being a timid innocent waif that gets bullied frequently, I feel her pain every time she suffered an injustice and was rooting for her freedom from Lao-gao every step of the way. Is that a mark of great acting from her, or a mark of weakness from me?

In my humble opinion, Priscelia Chan is the most attractive girl in Mediacorp. She might or might not be the most beautiful, but when I saw her hyper enthusiasm going off cutely during an off screen moment some time back, I suddenly realized that my dream girl exist.. as a wife to someone else.

Alan Tern is a lucky man.

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