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Averlynn Lim
Listing created by Averlynn Lim on December 04, 2012    

She is best known for her award-winning role as 'Tao Jie' in The Little Nyonya.  She does both hosting and acting and has since garnered 4 awards. 


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A Hidden Gem

Ng Hui isn't the prettiest actress around, neither is she the sexiest or charismatic woman in the showbiz. Perhaps that is one of the reason why the seven princesses of Caldecott always overshadowed her, which is a great pity.

After her most notable award-winning role in hit drama serial "The Little Nyonya", I think the majority of the audience finally saw her true acting talent. What a hidden gem that so many of us has overlooked! Her performance in "The Little Nyonya" is truly outstanding, and very, very convincing. Many times I had been almost brought to tears when she was involved in some heart-wrenching scenes with Jeanette Aw or Xiang Yun.

It's once again, a great pity that she has left Mediacorp. It would take a really long time of practice and perseverance for the younger generation of actors to exude such levels of conviction in their acting.

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the hostess queen

I always found that Ng Hui features prominently in variety shows, and shes honestly quite good at them. Take for example Easy cooking which was broadcasted in 2009. You could honestly feel her enthusiasm for the programme and her joy in tasting the variety of food most of the time. Tending on the melodramatic at times, especially in her gasping, she offers her honest opinions in how she really thought of the food.

In other areas, I find that she tends not to be on the premier list of famous actors we Singaporeans are familiar. Maybe thats due to that she does not possess the glamour quality in the way actresses like Rui En has. However, her style of acting is indeed professional. i especially liked her role in the Little Nyonya, despite being outshone by Jeanette Aw, still managed to touch my heart in one way or another.

Kudos to continued great acting and hosting!

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Character coming to liffe

While she usually plays the the smaller calefare roles, Ng Hui still manages to make a lasting impression of the character that she plays.

Her most memorable part was the maidservant in The Little Nonya which - if my memory serves me correctly - let her win an award. Her fervert begging, standing up for the person that she served, and her loyalty portrayed as a maid really stunned me - it was almost as if she were the character itself and made the role come to life. While she was just a calefare, the character that she was playing was important in the dynamics of the show and enhanced the layers of emotions, tensions, and conflicts with the other well-versed and versatile actors.

I thoroughly enjoyed her acting. Off-screen, she just seems to strike me as a rather nice person. My aunt having met her before said that she was friendlyand down-to-earth. Maybe that's why she managed to play the role of the maidservant so well.

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