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Averlynn Lim
Listing created by Averlynn Lim on December 04, 2012    

Jin Yin Ji is a korean native who has since settled down in Singapore and has since acted in various dramas in the past few years. Having an amiable character, she is looked up to by the younger artistes and viewers alike.


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Unique acting style

Well, I've always known her as 'One of the cute 'ah-mas' in Mediacorp'. Alongside with many other older veteran actors and actresses, Jin Yin Ji is often casted as the overly-concerned parent in many TV drama serials I used to watch.

It came to me as a surprise when I found out that she is actually a Korean native previously. Her fluency in Mandarin certainly did not betray that, and I am actually impressed thereafter by her ability to speak another language she was not taught since young.

Despite the stereotypical roles she has always been assigned to, Jin has a prominent style of acting that belongs to her only. It is something I've always recognized about her, and I guess it is what differentiates her from the rest of the older actors. However, it is a pity I do not get to observe her in major lead roles.

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Due to her age, many look up to her as Jin Yin Jie (Older sister). In fact, because of her acting experience, she is well-respected and adored by budding artistes and the local audience.

Just recently, having watched the Chinese New Year episode of the Giant Supermarket giveaway, I fell in love with the funny style of Jin Yin Jie. While she has not appeared frequently on many of the local dramas due to the inflow of younger, budding artistes, she has appeared on several host shows as guests. In fact, her carefree character is the quality that attracts me the most - she seems to be having fun in whatever that she does, while being motivated by her happiness. Even though her team didn't win in the Giant Supermarket competition, she was cheerful and very, very enthusiastic throughout the show.

That reminds me, even most of the roles that she plays show her enthusiasm in her voice, regardless of role.

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Gangnam Style

I saw her dancing the Gangnam Style during the New Year Countdown show. It was amazing how much energy she showed during the dance. Compared to a few of the younger dancers besides her, she seemed to be most enthusiastic and most able to let it go.

I did not really like her when she started acting. Her expressions were funny because I think she was acting while trying very hard to read the scripts in Mandarin which was not her native language. Also, I think her accent a bit weird.

But over the years, I had got used to her. She is one of the few seniors remaining in acting and her valuable experiences and her commitment to work should be a good learning model for the newer generations of actors and actresses.

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A great face to watch.

If you tell people her name, my guess is that not many people will recognise it. However, if you show them their face, chances are they would recognise her and know her for her likeability.

I've heard and can obviously see that she is a really nice person to get along with, she does not put on airs and can interact with anybody, young or old. This has made her fan base broader, for her amiable character attracts the public.

She has been acting for quite a couple of years, before my mother told me that she is a korean native, i didn't even know! That's pretty surprising. She can speak chinese really well, which i'm rather impressed with.

I think it is rather cute that she always dresses in her korean hanbok at every events, it really suits her very well.

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