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Averlynn Lim
Listing created by Averlynn Lim on December 04, 2012    

Also known as Li Jin Mei, she joined TCS after winning the Star search in the year 1993. Lee left the entertainment industry in November 2009 and moved to Hong Kong with her family.She now lives in Hong kong with her four kids and a director husband.


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Her departure was a great loss to Mediacorp

I personally think it's a great loss to Mediacorp when Ivy Lee when ahead with the decision to move abroad with her husband and children over to Hong Kong.

Lee's natural flair in acting, coupled with her radiant face and pleasant disposition quickly won my heart over as I watched her shine in the multitude of drama serials I've caught when I was younger. One of my most memorable impression of her, was in the hit drama serial "Double Happiness". She portrayed the despondency and despair of a wife grieving over her husband's death so acutely it broke my young and tender heart. (I was only 8 then)

Despite my brief knowledge of her outside of the acting industry, I am surprisingly convinced that Ivy Lee is a wonderful person in reality. My impression of her is further supported by interviews conducted on her friends, where they all thought she was a genuinely kind and easy-going person.

I'd really wish to see her appear again on screen.

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I heard from my secondary school mates that she was from our secondary school. She was one year my junior and during secondary school days, she was in the volleyball team. Those people that knew her never thought she could become a star. May be during those days, when she was practising a lot for volley ball, her skin colour was quite dark.

It must have been a long time since she last appeared on TV. My vague memory of her was that her command of both English and Mandarin was not that good and that was quite typical of students from my school. And when she first started, she was also a bit of an Ah Lian, also typical of the students from my school. She was successful in changing her image because the last impression I had of her was no longer that of an Ah Lian.

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Though she has left Mediacorp, i think many people still have an impression and remember her.

Some of the shows she had acted in are still on air, and i must say her acting is indeed not bad. I have watched her -twice- on the drama "Happy Fish" where she is the daughter in law of Jin Yin Ji, the wife Jia Qi (Edmund Chen). The show is still currently airing on Channel 8 at 5.30pm so catch it if you're interested.

But I'm glad to see that she is happily married with her husband in Hong Kong, for acting careers in Singapore aren't that promising.

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