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Averlynn Lim
Listing created by Averlynn Lim on December 04, 2012    

She is the only Singaporean to become an MTV VJ, she started her showbiz career in 1998. She is a bilingual host and can also act and dance very well. Being gifted in both Mandarin and English, she is well liked and has appealed to major clients like leading cosmetic brands.


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Warm Personality with Favourable on-screen outlook

I've watched Belinda Lee host many variety shows, (both English and Mandarin) and to her credit, she has also in recent years, been more actively involve in the acting industry.

One of my favourite variety show that she has hosted in is 'Find me a Singaporean' whereby she travels to many different places around the globe to seek for Singaporeans who are residing there. I find that show especially inspiring and enlightening, allowing me to understand what extraordinary Singaporeans are dedicating their lives to.

On top of that, I think to have to travel to over 40 countries is very tiring and it is remarkable that she has agreed to host the show. Her sensitive personality and warm disposition has allowed her to mix with these Singaporeans whom she has never met before well, and I think it is commendable how she decides to step out of her comfort zone to explore more and discover these beautiful places.

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Bilingual Actress

She is so bilingual that I am almost jealous of her.

I find people who can speak both languages so amazing - it is like mastering a language two whole times, which is a feat, in my opinion. Anyway, it definitely makes a person seem more learned and knowing that someone can speak both English and Mandarin - that are worlds apart, by the way - just makes them more of an asset.

It seems that while she has appeared in a few shows that I've seen her in, she can't compete with the long-standing veterans. Acting beside them, she seems a little bit klutzy and clumsy, although I do admit that I have to admire her natural photogenic and camera presence on screen.

She seems like someone outgoing and unafraid to play a role she's given - she definitely has potential.

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Go, Belinda!

Belinda has one of the most "sunshine" smiles around and it just amazes me a big deal that she portrays so much self-confidence. Indeed, her charm is undeniable.

Yes, I am touched by her sincerity and professionalism in wanting to present nothing but the very best to the audiences. The simple passion for acting, hosting, and by simply being herself in front of the screen.

Belinda makes a great host for travel shows and I really hope to see her more.

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Dance Queen!

My mum really likes her. My, nobody i know doesn't like her.

Her flair has definitely got to be her excellent conversing and language skills. Being able to converse fluently in both mandarin and english is really awe inspiring and deserves to be applauded. Her diction is sharp and speaks with good vocab for both languages which makes her pleasing to watch on screen.

That alone has got her alot of projects for her to host. Her excellence at dancing and her pretty face and good figure also contributes much to her career. Hoping to see her hosting on more shows and possibly try her hands at acting.

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