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Averlynn Lim
Listing created by Averlynn Lim on December 04, 2012    

Also known as Guo Hui Wen, Eelyn, 34, she started acting in the year 2005 and slowly rose to popularity after garnering more and more awards at the Star Awards for her good acting.


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Amazing Skills

In her role as the evil sister in one of the more acclaimed series on Channel 8, The little Nonya, her acting really surprised me. While she is not pretty on first glance, she leaves a lasting impression - she seems to appeal more to me after a period of time, it is as if she gets prettier and prettier. And Yes, she was pretty during the star awards - she wore such a rad dress.

Anyway, in The Little Nonya, her acting skills were revealed as she had to be skillfu enough to play the bad guy, injecting hate and emotion into her character so that her actions seem real to the audience. From the moment I declared that I hated her character, I had unknowingly placed her acting skills on the pedestal - for someone to hate a character, it just means that the actor or actress managed to do a good job of making the character believable.

Of course, while she was superb, the entire cast helped to nurture and foster the stroyline and the good acting skills of the entire cast complimented each other's acting skills.

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Vindictive third party?

I was first acquainted with Eelyn Kok through one of her earlier works, Kinship. A show that many probably watched, but forgot that Eelyn was the vindictive bitch of a third party. She’s a wonderful actress now, with an undisputed niche in playing the antagonist (or mentally unstable or third parties). Even back then, she was a decent actress for a rookie. For starters, I did not burst out laughing at the screen whenever she tried to frighten someone else into submission. And I remember next to nothing about Kinship except Eelyn in her evil role. Her acting transcends beyond her facial expression, but spills into her tone of voice and her body language, which makes it that much more compelling.

That said, she actually can play charming protagonists, except that the audiences have a much deeper impression of her evil roles (and the shows that let her play the nice guy normally are the smaller productions)

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She can act really well!

Eelyn Kok is probably the most under-rated actress out in the media industry. This woman can act ridiculously well, to the extent that my mother developed a mild hatred for her after watching her performance in A Song to Remember.

I barely knew about her existence in MediaCorp until her performance in A Song to Remember, and I was pleasantly surprised to see how well she can act. She plays the role of a scorned songstress exceptionally well, and even when the drama serial took a turn such that her character became disfigured, she was able to express the welling rage and despair in her character perfectly, and with intense emotions.

She also acts well as the good guy, but frankly, I find those sort of roles really boring, especially since she's as young as some of the rising actresses in the industry and the typical roles that she would probably receive as the good guys would probably be 'auntie' roles.

On a sidenote, I find her eyes amazingly huge. Now, a villain with huge fish-like eyes, that's something new.

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Always the bad guy!

I would always dart to the television if she was on screen. Her acting really portrays how the character is feeling and also conveys the emotions to the viewers. Through her characters, she has received alot of "hate". Because she was always chosen to act as the 3rd party who always tries to break off relationships through despicable methods or either a treacherous woman determined to get her ways, her acting is so real where she really plays with her facial expressions and her body language that people "hate" her. And if one can reach that standard of acting, one really deserves recognition.

Would be really nice to see her acting as a demure and kind lady in her next drama.

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