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David Tan
Listing created by David Tan on October 18, 2012    

Irene Ang became a household name in Singapore (and some say Malaysia) as Rosie Phua in Singapore's longest running sitcom Phua Chu Kang Pte Ltd and subsequently Phua Chu Kang Sdn Bhd. She is also the CEO of FLY Entertainment.


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Irene Ang is really impressive, isn't she?

She's a great comedian (almost as if she's inbuilt with the funny genes in her DNA), putting smiles to our faces as we watched our local favourites - Phua Chu Kang and its series while she puts her lively acting skills to play. Her congenial smiles and warm personality makes her presence on-screen very comfortable and pleasing to the audience who watches her shows.

In addition, she has also starred in a few films and Chinese channels. Despite not being as fluent in Mandarin, her willingness to try to communicate and improve her Mandarin is commendable.

And she has once again impressed everyone with her great entrepreneurial spirit, starting out her own entertainment company which is now well-prospering, signing on many famous artistes that are household names. (Eg: Allan Wu, Adrian Pang, Amy Cheng, and more)

It's really inspiring how she manages to manage both her own acting career (though we rarely see her on shows anymore) and her ever-expanding business.

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(Updated: February 01, 2014)

Epitome of Professionally Successful Aunty

It’s rather difficult if someone were to advertise me aunties onscreen with the hopes that I’ll be impressed by them. Some are quite a nag whereas some seemed a little stiff. Irene Ang, however, changed my perspective of the aunty roles in the acting realm. She owned the title ‘Aunty’ when it comes to local productions. I first saw her onscreen portraying herself as the wife of Phua Chu Kang. She succeeded in portraying herself as a hilarious figure. She wasn’t a typical aunty either despite donning apparels one would commonly associate with the word ‘Aunty’.

I was also impressed as to how she didn’t seem to lose that magical ‘Aunty yet not too Aunty-ish’ touch after Phua Chu Kang ceased to an end. I was tickled by her ever so natural acting skills when she acted as a similar character to one at Phua Chu Kang, in a recent movie called ‘Ah Boys To Men’. Irene Ang should totally attain an exclusive award to showcase how her talent in her roles onscreen have been recognized.

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Accomplished Lady

Irene Ang was first introduced to me back in the days when Phua Chu Kang was still running. She always appealed to me as a funny character that spiced up the show of PCK. There was never an episode where she wouldn't be barging in and taking charge of everything, sticking her nose into business where she wasn't wanted, creating room for funny jokes and interaction between the characters. I loved her role there, she always made me laugh.

It was only recently, however, that I found that beyond her hilarious demeanour, she is also known for her running of the lesbian and gay club, PLAY. She has also come out as a lesbian which is something that is very bold of her to do - and seeing her on-screen confidence as PCK's wife, I'm not surprised that her real life confidence is what fuelled her charm for that role as PCK's wife. Even then, she is an astonishing lady that seems to have achieved a lot - to the extent of setting up an artiste agency with other big faces in the media industry.

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Irene Ang is probably best known for playing Rosie in the popular Channel 5 sitcom, Phua Chu Kang. Although I was no avid watcher of the series, I always laughed at Rosie's funny antics and the overall chemistry between her and PCK. She always managed to put in consistent performances and really take the personality of her character, which is not easy to do.

However, after PCK stopped airing, I have not seen much of her on TV. She is the CEO of FLY entertainment, an artiste management company who boasts of stars like Patricia Mok and Wong Li Lin under its wings. She keeps quite a low profile and does not really come out very often, but I applaud her for being able to set up this successful company and establish herself as a strong and powerful business woman apart from just being "Rosie".

Likeable, comedic, and possessing a business minded work ethic: Irene Ang.

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(Updated: August 10, 2013)


She is so funny in PCK, she was my favourite character along with PCK, of course. Her acting is really natural and good. I haven't seen her other dramas though as I am not aware of any!

I have watched quite a number of Singaporean dramas but I have never seen her. There was once where she mentioned that she actually didn't have much money in the bank. I guess this must be due to her lack of appearance in the media after PCK!

The last I saw her was when she became the MC for Fann Wong's wedding. She seemed quite like Rosie, her gestures and all.

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Not just Rosie

So what if she laughs thunderously and wears loud "orbit" colors on the screen? Rosie is definitely a lot more than what you see. And I think Rosie is indeed iconic, so much so that nobody will ever forget that comical role.

I think Irene rocks a great deal. Her ever-marcho appearance and gung-ho style of doing things have only proven that we gals do not need to be pretty in order to be successful and get things done. To me, she is already very successful in her own ways, and definitely recognized by everyone who sees the Irene self in her.

As the saying goes, beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.

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Rosie is only a costume

Irene is nothing like Rosie. Rosie is just like a costume that she wears but when she wears that costume, she makes it look good. She pulled off the role as Rosie by making it believable both in speech and mannerism.

If I am not mistaken, she was also diagnosed with breast cancer recently. Much respect must be given to her in making the effort to highlight breast cancer and how it could be tackled with early detection and intervention.

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PCK's Wife!

I will always see Irene Ang as Phua Chu Kang's wife, Rosie. Irene's character is true blue Singaporean lady who is known by Singaporeans who know what PCK Pte Ltd is as funny, loud and a real nag, with a cool character. I am very sure even Irene herself would consider PCK as one of the peaks of her career.

Nowadays, I hardly see her appear on television anymore, especially dramas. I still tend to see her appear on charity shows and reality television. She even appeared on K-Pop Star Hunt as a judge, which I would find pretty cool for someone like her. The fact that she'd find interest in such a 'hip and young' thing gives me the impression that she is pretty much updated in the world of pop culture.

I miss the PCK days more and more as I write this. I hope she stars in a comedy drama or something similar to PCK, although a show being able to beat that excellent sitcom is rather questionable. Nonetheless, I hope to see her return to the world of comedy television shows, as I feel that suits her best!

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I have always associated Irene Ang with her iconic character, Rosie in Phu Chu Kang Pte Ltd, and knew she was a true comedian. Just about two hours ago, I caught From Ah Boys to Men and was stunned, again, by her possibly unbeatable acting skills!

In my perspective, actors or actresses need not to be eye candies - in terms of being attractive physically - as eventually, the capability in acting is the factor that make or break an actor. An actor must be able to act, isn't it!

Behind cameras, she is an amiable boss, much to my surprise. Once, I saw her janitor tweet a photo of herself in Irene's office and captioned it, "must 'eat snake' - meaning skive - when lady boss is not around!" Irene replied in a teasing manner. Honestly, how many bosses out there are so easygoing?

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Irene Ang captured people's hearts when she played Rosie Phua, the wannabe and supportive wife of Phua Chu Kang who had a quirky sense of fashion and second-in-charge of the agency.

Her loudmouthed manner and humorous quips were what propelled her to fame. I feel she was an essential part of the cast, and as the series wound down, I feel that she was one of the few who did not wane in her performances.

The other thing I find commendable about her is her drive to constantly give back to society. I have witnessed her personally as she was speaking out for the 'Graciousness' and 'Voice of Kindness' campaigns.

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