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Listing created by SnoopyBlues on October 16, 2012    

She is a former actress and host. She left for Japan to further her studies in the year of 2005. She re-joined MediaCorp as a manager in the strategic development department in the year of 2011.


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Worked hard

Most people should be able to see that Sharon Au worked very hard. She had tried hosting so many different types of programmes. She had even tried acting. She also showed that she is truly bilingual, able to speak Mandarin and English equally fluently. She had shown her versatility and her ability but sadly, she was not given enough recognition for all her hard work.

She may have lost out in the looks apartment. She does not really look bad but most people will not think of her as a beauty. Somehow, in the real world, looks will still determine your success. No matter how much talents you may have, you still need people to see through your looks to get to the depth to understand your talents.

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Love her being candid

Sharon Au, a household name, has always been one of my favourite Mediacorp artistes. Having watched her since young, I loved her role of "Chen Meiguang" as she has never failed to make me laugh and feel silly in front of the small tv screen. I believe many would agree with me.

I adore her for a simple reason - she is one of the most talented hosts in Singapore who is every-ready to jump into her candid and chirpy self, and bring so much joy to the audiences! Her upbeat self when hosting "City Beat" just brings back so much memories, even as I am typing about it now. And it just makes me smile! I've to admit that she is irreplaceable. There is just so much to learn from the witty Sharon Au.

Last June, I caught sight of her at the Pink Dot 2012 and she, like before, bought so much laughter to the crowd. Her sense of humour is crazy yet you don't find her irritating. Since her trip back from Japan, I found her to be more matured and beautiful. Time has grown the charisma in her. She has grown to be just amazing, just the way she is!

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Love her shows

Sharon Au has starred in many shows previously, when I was a lot younger and I have always loved her shows. She has a natural flair in acting, and the pleasant-looking actress have never failed to satisfy my drama appetite.

She also plays the female lead in Jack Neo's movie "I Do I Do" and she has brilliantly played the role of the character to the fullest, enhancing the overall enjoyment I had derived from the show. Actors are the most essential part in making the film/show entertaining, and a talented actress such as Au should be applauded for her excellent acting skills.

She has went over to further her studies in a university in Japan, and the newspaper have reported her as one of the top students of the university. Such achievement speaks volumes of herself as an individual - she certainly has many talents. It isn't simply about the looks, or acting skills. She is intellectually enriched as well.

It is indeed unfortunate that Sharon Au is no longer in the acting industry. She is now handling administrative matters in Mediacorp. However, she has hosted a few charity shows and once again, it is evidence to her volatile nature - she can be an actress, a student and an amazing host.

\Way to go Sharon Au! You have my deepest admiration.

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(Updated: December 02, 2012)

Best Variety Show Host, indeed

Sharon Au, a household name, is no doubt a very talented host. She doesn't try to be funny like other hosts. She is just humourous.

I still remembered her in my all-time favourite variety show, 'City Beat' alongside with Kym Ng and Bryan Wong. My family and I would always tune in to this show on Friday just to watch her host. Her role in this particular variety show has caught the eyes of all Singaporeans. She outshined her other co-hosts and she managed to clinched the Best Variety Show Host for several years until she left in 2005. I remembered screaming in joy every time she clinched an award. She was really my idol back then.

Only recently, she has returned but not taking the front stage anymore. She has become a back stage crew. It is sad because she just have very attractive charisma when she host a show and not many hosts are able to reach her level yet. It is really a pity. If she has time, I hope she can make guest appearances in a few variety shows and once again showcase the talented side of her.

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I miss her badly

I loved her variety shows.

I remember Mark Lee famously declaring that while Sharon Au lives, his chances of getting an award for best host dies. And it is true. Sharon Au is a gifted host, she glides through her shows with easy demeanor and in great fun. Her most memorable role was Chen Meiguang and there is no one in Singapore who can resist adding "guang guang guang guang guangggg" when you say her name.

She has a vulnerable likability about her. Like if she told a bad joke, you'd just look at that megawatt smile and puppy eyes and you'll laugh the hardest you ever had in your life. She is not beautiful, but she's pretty in the most perfect of ways.

Her visit to Japan has changed her completely and she became a more somber person. I am sad seeing that but hey, whatever makes the girl happy.

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One of my all-time favourites!

Sharon Au has played numerous roles over the years ranging from a cabaret girl in the stage musical, "Beauty World" to an enthusiastic radio presenter in the sitcom "Right Frequency" and even has had a successful time hosting "City Beat".

I love her chirpy exuberance whenever she's on screen and her wittiness when relating to the characters around her. The fact that she's bilingual makes her all the more complete as an actress. equally competent in English as well, Sharon Au has also acted in local comedy-film "I Do, I DO", which I feel was an above-average attempt at acting.

Hopefully there is more to come from Sharon!

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