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Quan Yi Fong is a Taiwanese host and actress based in Singapore.


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Thank god for her

I love Quan Yifeng for her complete lack of conformity.

She has an attitude that's in your face, she doesn't care what she does or did, she shows little regard to her reputation and she generally is the most messed up person who's made it big on her own terms.

Why should be behave as well as the other prissy princess of Caldecott? She signed up to be a host, not the role model for your child. If your kids needs to look up to TV to look for role models, then believe me she's not the problem. Her ways are fiery and vivacious and her knack of talking gets her respected so deeply I'm revered.

There was once when Guoliang talked about the new stars washing the veterans up to shore, but she turned it around to say that only by pushing themselves up to shore first, can the newest stars go out with a bigger bang and can the veterans re-establish themselves as kings of the sea.

There was another time in a cooking show where a chef was spraying vaporized butter onto a pan and when asked what it was, she casually replied "insecticide".

This woman is funny, blunt, and there is no way she could have made it big if not for this infectious energy she embodies.

I want her on every single variety show.

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(Updated: February 17, 2013)

A true blue Taiwanese

If you think she is bad, you have not know much about Taiwanese culture. She is just being who she is. A slapping incident is a big thing in Singapore but have you seen the Taiwanese politicians fought in their Parliament? Their street fight is by no means less brutal than Hongkong or Mexico.

Being a Taiwanese, she has the language advantage and her style of hosting is very much influenced by her native country. This is the reason why we need foreign talent like her while our home grown hosts are quickly catching up, we are still rather behind for talented artists compared to Taiwan and Hongkong.

If she is back in Taiwan, I would not find her hosting any more interesting than a newbie.

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Like her or hate her, she is Singapore’s best chinese host

Of late, we have seen Quen Yi Fong walk out of the high court as often as we see her strut the stage on Star Awards. While I do not agree with her wayward ways and view it as a bad example to young celebrities, I do acknowledge that that is what makes her who she is and there is little I can do to change that fact.

But if we would to put all these factors aside, we need to realize that she is the closest that we have to a first rate host. Her professionalism, versatility, and eloquence makes her Mediacorp’s best mandarin speaking host by a mile. So unless we can find someone better to replace her, I think we will continue to see a lot more of her in the news.

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(Updated: January 20, 2013)


My mother is on close terms with her. Personally I know her as someone who is courageous and will go all out for her daughter. Perhaps after knowing her for so long, I am beleaguered by how the media portrays her as.

The taxi incident was just ridiculous. The Quan Yi Feng I know is nothing of what the media wrote her as. She spend years building her image, would she do something so stupid to tarnish it?

She don't mind making jokes at her own expense, bringing joy to people around her. She is one lady I admired since young. A truly inspirational being.

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Brave lady

If you have seen the news of how they conducted their Parliament meetings in Taiwan, you wouldn't be surprised with Quan Yi Feng's behaviour. She was just following her leaders.

Anyway, I have nothing against her and admired her courage to face the world and admit to her mistakes. Everyone would have bad days and it would take two hands to clap so I believed she was provoked and lost her control. Whatever bad impressions that came out from the incident should just be forgotten.

She was a quick witted person and her advantage was her command of Mandarin. Comparatively, most Singaporeans have Mandarin as their second language so few could match with her in a friendly exchange of words.

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(Updated: January 22, 2013)

Everyone has a past, learn to forgive and forget.

Yes, she has did hit the headlines on many occasions for public fights and even for assaulting a cabby. Everyone has a past, but why do we still judge them based on their past?

She's not a beauty queen and has even appears to be loud on TV, and can even laugh hysterically anytime. So what do people like about her?

I find her unafraid character despite being judged by the public eyes, admirable. It's just not easy when the world thinks that you are in the wrong. But there is just something gung-ho about her. I love her ever witty and "steady pom pi pi" self.

Not for me or you to judge, but it does take time for someone to prove her abilities all over again, after all those hoo-hah. Everyone deserves a second chance.

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Although Quan Yi Fong has struck controversy in local papers several times in a row regarding her brawls with taxi drivers, I try not to judge her too much for misdemeanors in public, because for all her petty arguments and quarrels, she is still one of the best television hosts that MediaCorp has to offer.

Although not a conventional beauty, Quan Yi Fong makes up for this with her wits. Unlike other actresses in MediaCorp, Quan Yi Fong actually seems like she is smart enough to take on any media reports about her by the reigns, and defend herself with her sharp tongue.

Her hosting is spectacular, as she is able to amuse the viewers with her witty comments, and even when her co-hosts haul insults upon her in a mock argument, she is always capable of defending herself with a sharp comeback, instead of standing aside meekly and giggling like other female hosts tend to do.

She is unafraid to make a joke out of herself, as seen during the skit she performed during this year's Star Awards, as long as her performance is able to make the audience laugh. An amazing host, really.

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Witty and endearing, it is no wonder why Quan Yi Fong is a household name.

With a sharp tongue and quick wit, she has time and again impressed me with her quick comebacks. She manages to rebut others' derogatory comments on her with lightning speed without coming across as argumentative, which proves that she is, in fact, really intelligent and logical.

Although not conventionally pretty, she makes up for it with sheer talent, determination, hard work and intelligence. She is opinionated and unafraid to speak her views and stick to them, defending them until the end. She is also not afraid to laugh at herself.

Her overwhelming exuberance and excitement during the hosting of reality shows reaches through the television and influences the viewers, making them excited too.

I really admire her, as an entertainer and as a person.

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She assaults people. So what?

I know there have been negative articles about Quan Yifeng especially this year when an article of her assaulting a taxi driver became a hot topic. Nevertheless, I still admire her for being a great host.

People complain that she is too loud, but you have to be loud enough to become a good host. You don't see any host that are soft. Some claim that she is cold. Well, that is not true because I met her in person before and I even requested to take a photo with her. She was very friendly and immediately agreed to take a photo together. She even took the initiative to talk to me and asked about my day. Not all celebrities can be as open as her. Not many people may know, but Quan, a mother of one was determined to quit smoking after seeing her daughter mimicking her smoking actions. And again, not all mothers are able to do that.

There are times when people make mistakes along the way. Celebrities too. As her audience, we should forgive and forget. We will then be able to see the positive side of her.

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No pushover

I honestly do not know if I like Quan Yi Fong. Her loud, sassy and unafraid character is one to be admired but not to be imitated because her character is a stumbling stone in her life.

For many times, she had been reported to insult and assault people - the most recent one was a taxi driver who was involved in a bad scuffle in her that led to a broken meter-recording device in the taxi and slight injuries on both parties. Regardless of who fired the clash, Quan Yi Fong has proven that she is no pushover, and she retaliates.

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Prima donna who loves a fight.

Quan Yi Fong is perhaps the biggest prima donna ever to grace Caldecott Hill. Driving without a valid license, picking a fight with a bowling alley assistant and even abusing a taxi driver, this gal's done it all. Although she's never had much talent as an actress, she's certainly got a nose for stirring up trouble.

I, for one, think she should never be seen on TV again, as it sends out a wrong message to impressionable viewers. I mean, a television personality who punches and kicks cabbies isn't exactly a role model figure. This kind of behaviour is simply unacceptable.

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