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Felicia Chin Foon Ling, also known by her Chinese stage name Chen Jingxuan, is a Singaporean actress from VJC who was also prom queen there. She recently went back to university to resume her studies. She blogs at


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Pretty and Popular

Well, she didn't win the title as one of the seven princesses of Caldecott Hill in vain. Indeed, Felicia Chin's natural acting skills and pretty face gave her a strong foothold when she first embarked on her acting career with Mediacorp. It is not surprising that she found popularity amongst the masses when she continued to feature in more hit drama serials as she had great affinity with the audience.

However, many lashed out at her when she confessed to having undergone plastic surgery - cutting double eyelids - and as she confronted the issue in a variety show, she was pretty shaken by the responses and questions of the interviewers. Somehow, that made me rather.... surprised because I thought she would be more comfortable with the media pressing questions now that she's been in the industry for awhile now.

Well, that aside, I'm glad she's made a courageous decision to come back to the showbiz industry after taking some years off to pursue her studies further.

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Welcome back!

During her peak in the media industry, I used to not understand why people actually liked her. To me, everything about her was rather average. Although she has got many male fans, most of my female friends don’t like her at all. Like many others, we were taken aback to know that she had left MediaCorp to complete her degree. I thought that was a bold and courageous move of her.

Recently, I heard that she has returned to the media and gave up on completing her studies despite her having just one last term (or semester) to go. This time round I was totally confused until I read about her explanation. Initially I thought it was rather a waste of time for her, considering that she left MediaCorp at the peak of her career. However, I now have got more respect for her because of her courage to go back to her true calling, despite the inevitable lashing she would receive. In addition, she seems more sincere and mature now.

It is kind of sad to see that the Media has moved on without her, looking at how her popularity has waned a little. But I do hope that with her hard work and a little luck, she would earn back her rightful place in the industry.

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Ever since she changed her chinese name and her sudden return to studying, my impression of her has changed slightly.

I was puzzled by her decision to leave the industry when she was an uprising star, improving at a rather steady pace. Her absence on screen made me almost forget about her once-so popular moment but I am glad that she has now returned to the industry, changing back to her first chinese name.

I hope she can get back to where she was before she left because I know she has the potential!

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Besides Rui En, Felicia Chin was one of the first women that made me feel a surge of male adolescence. I can safely say that I developed my first manly crush at the age of 13 simply by watching TV, simply outstanding.

A famous local celebrity, Felicia Chin was definitely one of my favourite actresses. She frequently acts in school garden and 'at home' dramas such as Love Blossoms and the recent Don't Stop Believing!, which is currently being aired at 5pm on Channel 8. Whilst the storyline itself was fantastic and the characters touching, no one can deny that a hot actress is a bonus.

However, Felicia Chin was alleged that in the pursuit of getting Star Awards, she underwent plastic surgery to redefine her beauty. These are really serious allegations as the Star Awards should be awarded based on the merit/performance of the actor/actress and not simply because the actor/actress is good-looking. I felt that Felicia Chin really has done well and I enjoy her shows tremendously.

A really good actress with the talent and the looks!

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I used to like and adore Felicia Chin very much as I thought she had both beauty and brains, which was extremely appealing to me. Following a string of successful Mediacorp serials in which she had a leading role, I became even more of a fan. Sadly, it all went downhill from there.

Firstly, she changed her chinese name which I found weird and rather disrespectful. I believe it was due to some fengshui reasons but I thought it unnecessary and a bad move to make. Everyone knew her as "Chen Feng Ling" and for a period of time after that, whenever someone mentioned "Chen Jing Xuan" to me, I would be stunned for a while because the name simply could not register. As of now, I know she has changed her chinese name back to her original one which is again questionable and makes me wonder as to why she can't make up her mind.

Perhaps she can redeem herself. She's slated to star in an upcoming Channel U rugby-themed serial, which is really quite unlike her. That's probably why I'm rather interested in watching her performance on the show. She takes her acting much more seriously now, I dare say. After all, she quit her business studies halfway at NUS just to pursue acting full-time. Shows some commitment and bravery definitely.

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She appealed to me as someone who was joyful and charismatic. I was a fan of hers when she first started out and back then, she had short hair. Her short hair added to her adventurous and spunky vibe that she gave out. Acting wise, she seemed slightly awkward in her first few Sitcoms but gradually got better over the years.

However, because of her girl-next-door look, it partly affects the role that she plays - usually some whiny protagonist. I think she could do better than the roles that she's given. With the type of roles she's given, her potential to shine doesn't seem to be maximised.

Still, she's pretty even with long hair, which is probably the reason why she's still bagging the awards.

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She looks very average to me, so I don't find her charming or outstanding. She can be said to have that girl-next-door look, but she doesn't have that attraction like the pretty girl-next-door Jeanette Aw. Sorry for judging her looks, but it is usually a requirement for an actress.

Wow, after scrolling down the comments, nearly everyone says that she's pretty. I guess my taste is a bit different. She seems like she tries too hard to act cute as well, which I don't like.

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Sweet girl next door

Felicia started out her career from a pagent and she was termed the girl next door, sweet, and cute. I guess all her shows also went along this way, Dont stop believing, Potrait of Home etc all portrays her as a sweet persona.

I havent really seen her act as a villian role in the drama series before, perhaps her sweet face dont cut it, but i wish she should try. I mean, even Jeanette Aw could act as a psycotic in Breakout. I will expect more refreshing roles from Felicia such as assuming the role of a disabled/mentally-retard/villian.

But i am not sure if i will have the chance to see new roles because she sort of halt her acting career to pursue studies, so i hope this is a good time for her to recharge and then bring her acting career to greater heights.

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One of MediaCorp's most lovable actresses

Felicia Chin is an extremely good looking actress. Her looks have matured and fine toned themselves as she grows older, and I find that the older she is, the better looking she gets. Her jaw lines are toned and defined and coupled with her doe-like huge eyes, she is probably one of the best looking actresses in MediaCorp.

With her bubbly personality and sunny smile, she deserves every inch of that tiara given by the local media to the 'seven princesses of Caldecott Hill'. In fact, there is nothing about Felicia Chin that is remotely unlikable because she simply seems like the perfect pretty princess.

Despite her gorgeous appearance, her acting in local drama serials has been pretty much monotonous. I'm not entirely sure if she picks the roles that she acts in, or the producers are the ones picking her, because this girl definitely needs a change of pace. She has always been acting as the innocent, kind protagonist in all her dramas, and it almost seems as if as she only knows how to portray that particular character type.

I would certainly like to see Felicia Chin acting as a malicious snob for once. She may be a beautiful chick, but I'm getting tired of the constant good girl shoes that she's worn far too often.

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And if there's ever a word to describe Felicia Chin, that would be it. She's cute, she's absolutely adorable. The way she speaks, the way she plays her roles, the way she looks. Definitely cute.

However, that may be her downfall. She can't do anything but BE cute. Cold blooded killer? Not Felicia Chin. Manipulative scheming liar? Not Felicia Chin. Evil stepmother? Not Felicia Chin.

Seems like her roles are pretty limited. She can only play sweet personas, and even when she tries to appear determined as her character demands, she somehow has this constant damsel-in-distress kind of thing going on.

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