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Chen Liping, or also fondly known as "Miss Ai-Yo-Yo" has played numerous memorable characters on Channel 8 dramas, with the most notable one probably being Mo Wanwan on "Holland V"


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just a humble lady

I am sure most people will recognise her iconic character: Ai Yo Yo Lao Shi! Yes, i vividly remembered the "Good Morning, Teacher" song and i used to hum the tune. She was really the kind of teacher I liked and admired in the show. To be frank, i really didn't know who chen li ping was and only remembered as Ai Yo Yo Lao Shi. I just found this lady a really good "teacher" back then. Psst, i actually thought she was really a teacher haha!

After which, the second time which I saw her was in Holland Village and it was certainly memorable. How could anyone forget her gonna-explode-any-moment hairstyle and her quirky character as Mo Wan Wan! It was then i realised she was the same "teacher" i admired when I was young! I was really impressed as to how she was able to transform into someone totally different. I almost couldn't recognise her!

Next was Unriddle, which she portrayed as Dabao, wah, her hairstyle changed again and i must say that she can look so uncouth, so refined and so cool at the same time. And the most impressive thing is that she is confident of herself- how she looked and feel. I could sense her confidence through her acting and this is something i admire her for.

Despite all the fame and whatsoever, she still remains humble. And i like that. Not to forget, her laughter is really contagious! HAHA watched the behind the scenes of Unriddle and it was so infectious that even the icy cool princess Rui En was tickled by her and they both even became best pals. Nice.

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Ai Yo Yo!

Like many in my generation, I first knew her as Miss Aiyoyo, the pretty lady who raised the bar for a perfect teacher so high up that more than a few real teachers must have quit out of sheer frustration of being constantly compared to a fictional character by their students. Then came the long years when she disappeared from our screens altogether. During that downtime, the only news I remember reading about her was not flattering, like how she is putting on weight and is no longer the cute damsel she was. I thought,' There goes another one of my childhood idols.' Yet a few years ago, she's back in Holland V as the lovable auntie scolding everyone to hell and back.

It's really heartening to see that her tenacity and experience as an actress is being recognized anew, after all these years of being phased out by younger and prettier actresses. It's about time, too.

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Good morning, teacher.

I think her most memorable was as Ai Yo Yo Lao Shi. One of my NTU classmates was an absolute fan of her. He must have watched the series many times because sometimes during our conversation, he would think of some scenes from that series and bring that into our conversation. Also, whenever someone criticised her for her later roles, he would be the first to defend her.

Personally, I thought she reached her peak in that series and since then, her roles were never as memorable as that role. At least she had a role that almost everyone that watched Singapore Chinese series would remember, that should be an achievement that not many actresses can claim. She should be able to leave her acting career with no regrets.

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Love her new look

We have all witnessed the evolution of our all time favourite actress, Chen Li Ping.

From the olden era, the actress that once had a petite frame and cherubic countenance played the role of our much loved character - Ai Yoh Yoh teacher, and then took on another challenging persona of being the boisterous Mo WanWan which has a plump and towering figure in Holland Village, to the stylish and cool police in a recent drama serial. The trendy haircut accentuated with striking gold highlights certainly successfully moulded Chen Li Ping into an entirely different person.

Undoubtedly, she has, of course, played the varying roles to the best of her abilities despite how different her characters can be each time. However, I can't deny that I've always remembered her best for her character of being Ai Yoh Yoh teacher - I'm sure it's almost the same for the general public out there. Who wouldn't love the classic figure of all time?

Looks aside, Chen certainly have what it takes to be a star. Even with her current figure, she manages to keep up the glam and glitz during award ceremony by following her current style - suave and slick.

It is indeed a refreshing alternative - no more long dresses, heavy make-up. Time for some punky upbeat.

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The rotund and adorable Chen Li Ping is a household name. Most commonly recognised for her role as Ai Yo Yo Lao Shi, she has gained national recognition.

I remember Ai Yo Yo Lao Shi from my kindergarten days and my kindergarten teachers used to play this for us kids when we were being good. I've liked Chen Li Ping since then.

She is definitely a diverse actress, being able to play many different roles. A tomboy in a police drama, a shopaholic... She can do it all!

The most refreshing part about her is that in such a competitive industry, she manages to stay true to herself. In an industry that propagates skinny as a body ideal and celebrates slim figures, she does not feel pressurized to change who she is and conform just to fit in.

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Versatile actress.

My opinion is that she is a rather talented actress. I've just watched her old drama actually, before writing this, where she was acting as a pregnant lady, now on air every weekend from 430-630.
i must say her acting has really improved since last time ive watched her. She has the versatility to take up many different types of roles and we, viewers, see her from different sides, which is very refreshing.

I heard that she has a thyroid problem, which attributes to her big frame, for those superficial people out there disdaining her for her size.

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Words go beyond how much I adore Chen Liping

I loved her in Good Morning Teacher.

I do not remember me as such an unreasonable chap, but my mum swears that when I was young, I would watch Good Morning Teacher on repeat for hours on end till they come back from work and even at bedtime, I'd refuse to turn it off. It was the soundtrack of my slumber. The minute someone turned it off, I'd wake up and scream my tiny lungs out.

On second thoughts, yeah I can see how that sounds like me. I probably still maintained that habit, but this time it's if someone turns off my phone, I'll wake up screaming blue murder.

But I am digressing. Chen Liping was my childhood teacher and as I grew, so did she, ability wise and size wise. I loved her role in Holland V. I love a crude woman and she portrayed it so perfectly. She could elicit tears from me at a scene where her character was playing a tough front for a leaving sibling and that is no easy feat.

A versatile woman, I hope to see her a lot more.

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Ai Yo Yo !

I vividly remember watching Chen Liping in my childhood as a teacher in the hit children's series, "Ai Yo Yo!" and to be honest, that's what I call it. Is it even the title? Correct me if I am wrong, but that has always been what I've called the show since I was a little boy! I remember always asking my parents to buy me the CDs of the show because I loved it so much back then.

Chen Liping is a really likeable and well respected person in the industry. Although she does not have a 'model's' body, she actively does her job in acting in Channel 8 dramas till today. I guess something to admire about her is she doesn't let her weight affect her self-esteem, otherwise we'd have seen her looking fit and slim years ago.

Chen Liping continues to deliver performances worth applauding for, whether she is a teacher, mother or someone working in the police force. I will be expecting to see her take on more roles, and I hope to see her take more unexpected roles too in the future!

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Ai-yo-yo.. what more should i say?

Liping is probably one of the most versatile actress and although she may not be considered as ah-jie like zoe tay, fann wong, she is by no means weak in her acting skills. Just imagine her as Ms Ai-yo-yo, a character that is her signature and resonates with all Singaporeans, well probably our generation, to the money loving wife in "I wan to hold your hands", to a undercover agent in one of the local police dramas.
As a young lady in Ms Ai-yo-yo, she really set the trend for the acting of teachers who are enthusiastic and passionate about teaching since she act as a rich girl who was willing to spend her time at Ubin to teach the kids, and used her crazy enthu to guide all the kids onto the right track. Even recent ch 8 dramas about teachers, you can see some semblances in the teacher character that they are trying to portray. But I preferred the ai-yo-yo version as she seems more innocent and not act cute.
I guess another event was the Slim 10 incident, which I guess almost destroyed a lot of things especially since another actress almost died and I think Liping was the endorsing person for it. Luckily everything went well, and no one died. Thing might have been very different if someone had died.

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Awesome staying power even after so many years!

Chen Li Ping has played many endearing characters. My personal favourite of her roles is Mo Wan Wan in "Holland V". Her performance was really outstanding in that role that I was glued to the series!

Despite not being slim and svelte, I admire the way she's carried herself over the years and she should be a role model for every young girl. She has worked her way into becoming a household name and I respect her for her constant rock-like presence in the Star Awards.

Miss "Ai-yo-yo!" was a part of my childhood TV, and I'm happy for her that she's doing well for herself and I'll definitely never forget her signature trademark!

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