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Michelle Chong is a Singaporean actress who has appeared in local English and Mandarin television shows, most prominently the comedy-satire 'The Noose', as well as 'Sayang Sayang' and 'Black Rose'.

In 2011, Michelle Chong pursued a directing career and directed the hit film 'Already Famous', which garnered positive reviews, did well in the box office and was also selected as the Singaporean entry for the Best Foreign Language Oscar at the 85th Academy Awards.


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Michelle Chong is the goddess of comedy

Nobody would have expected this out of her.

I remember not liking the shows she hosted 5 years back, thinking she was a struggling actress and there's nothing more to her. God was I wrong, by such a disgusting degree. Shame on you 14 year old Nicole, for thinking peanuts of Michelle Chong.

Michelle Chong has now fledged full-blown in her chameleon abilities. I love every single character she played for The Noose, the most captivating one being Lulu. I love her perfected China accent and complete lack of social shame with the unshaved pits and all. This woman will be an unforgettable icon of Singapore and she deserves it.

But Michelle Chong has a depressed side to her, and I find that devastatingly beautiful.

She inspired me with one of her sadder quotes. She once said "if a car were to run me over now, I'd be okay with it". It was heartbreakingly beautiful. I love funny people, I love pretty people, but of all, I love tragic people who tries to live life.

Michelle Chong is an inspiration.

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One of the better Michelles on this planet

Inclusive of me, of course. Just kidding - the minute amount of talent I have is nothing compared to Michelle Chong’s.

Michelle Chong does not only play lovable characters on shows, but is a very lovable person on her own as well! Being effortlessly humorous is her key personality trait, making her many Singaporeans’ favourite actress. On top of that, Michelle is known to be, and I vouch for this knowledge, very friendly to fans she meet, always being ever so willing to chat or even take a quick picture. Her social media captions are always witty or just funny, never failing to make me smile whenever I scroll to one.

Well-established, well-known and well-received, Michelle Chong is the ultimate local director-actress. She is an inspiration to many, myself included, and will remain an iconic figure in Singapore media history.

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Rising Director

Michelle Chong breaks new ground in the Singapore movie scene with her latest movie, 3 Peas in a Pod. The story is not your typical rom com with a fixed ending. Michelle was very creative in manipulating the plot such that it takes a drastic turn toward the end of the film.

I enjoyed the movie very much and watched it the second time with a friend from China. My friend said she was utterly impressed by it and felt that Singaporean movies have reached a higher standard. Even after leaving the cinema, my China friend told me that images of the movie were still replaying in her mind and given a chance she would love to catch it again. Kudos to Michelle!

Michelle should be applauded for her ingenious ideas of using a diverse cast, with popular Taiwanese boy band Farenheit member, Calvin Chen and Kpop star Alexander Lee Eusebio, which added flavour to the movie. Her selection of Jae Liew, first timer on Singapore showbiz was apt as Jae portrayed Penny well, bringing out the full essence of the character.

3 Peas in a Pod also deviated from other local movie productions as it was filmed in Melbourne, with iconic places such as the Twelve Apostles and Prospect Hill as the backdrop. This keeps viewers wide awake and transports them to a different setting, which hardly other local films do.

Michelle has potential and should go on making movies for the local and international community.

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(Updated: January 03, 2013)

Big sacrifice

If you look closely at Michelle, she is not a bad looking lady. But will anyone remember her as a pretty lady? No. Most people will remember her for her funny characters in The Noose.

I vaguely remembered when she started out, she still try to maintain her pretty lady appearance and during that time, she was not memorable at all. Later, when she made the the big sacrifice and changed from a pretty lady to play the current roles that emphasized more on her talents than her looks, she became memorable. If not remembered for herself, at least for those characters that she portrayed without concerning about her pretty lady image. Judging from her current success, the sacrifice is worth it.

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Versatile actress

I didn't think much of her in the past until she appeared in The Noose, and watching her numerous flawless imitations of stereotyped characters in Singapore certainly made me realize what a versatile actress she is.

Michelle Chong steps in the shoes of various characters flawlessly, and brings out their emotions, and even their accents, which makes her imitations even more realistic than anyone can expect. She certainly achieved fame through The Noose, in which she acted not only as the bimbotic reporter Barbarella, but also the maid Leticia, as well as Chinese immigrant Lulu - talk about versatile.

As a host, she may not be the most prominent one, as there are certainly more engaging hosts out there, but she holds a certain charm that definitely manages to captivate her audience. Her voice may not be sweet like that of other DJs and hosts, and she may not be the best looking actress in the industry, but she garners success through sheer hard work and effort.

This woman is exceptionally talented. She's recently branched out into film making, producing a movie known as Already Famous, which achieved relative success in the box office. This woman is a prime example that looks isn't everything in the media industry - hard work is.

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Multi talented.

She is definitely the whole package. I have never seen anyone with such a drive in them as her. Not only does she make it on television, she has ventured into the directing career, which is indeed a great shot and has since came up with a show of her own. My, my, i am indeed impressed.

I remember she wasn't so popular and accomplished last time, but in the recent few years, she has indeed climbed up the ladder of popularity and has appeared in a large variety of shows. Effectively bilingual, not only can she act, she can also host and entertain.

Her popularity surged when she appeared on "The Noose" , where i saw a side of her i have never seen before. I never knew she could act and mimic others like how she did in the show! She spoofs many characters which definitely brings rears of laughter to my eyes.

Definitely a joy to watch.

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Reigning as the"Queen of Masks"

Why do I call her the Queen of Masks, you may ask.
Or probably, you would have already sort of guessed what I mean.

She obviously reigns in mimicking various characters to such realism, exposing the truth of the different characters she plays in a fantastically comical that shall regale us viewers in heaps of laughter.

She gained fame in The Noose - playing various characters which happen to be my favourite ones - Lulu, and Leticia! In her mimic of the China national and foreign domestic worker, she has successfully transformed into another person in entirety by fully discarding who she really is.

Although the style and way in which she mimics the characters are the apparent stereotypical mindset Singaporeans have towards these targeted groups of people, and some might even be harsh enough to condemn such comedic imitation as of one similar to an insult, let's not blatantly deny the fact that Michelle's way of portraying these characters in their obvious traits are what makes the show successful.

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I love you, Michelle Chong!

Who would have expected all these from Michelle Chong? No one knew what an amazingly funny actress she could be until she appeared on The Noose. Thank you, The Noose, for helping to showcase all of her talents!

My favourite on-screen persona of hers would have to be Lulu, and she makes me burst out laughing every time I watch her. Truly, Michelle Chong is one of the most talented actresses in Singapore. She should really have her own sitcom; now that would be something worth watching local televison for. This is why you should never dismiss someone so easily - we all have hidden talents that take awhile to shine.

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If I were a guy, I would not really mind having Michelle Chong as girlfriend. She is hilarious and comfortable in her own skin. I really enjoy watching her on The Noose, where she can easily assume different roles anytime.

One of my most favorite roles of hers is Barbarella and her videos have garnered many likes and views on Youtube so far. Another really funny one is how Michelle Chong pretends to be a maid, known as Leticia, spoofing how spoilt the youth of today are and how most maids of today are treated badly by their employers. She subtly raises awareness of pertinent issues of today, while being funny and entertaining the audience. Michelle Chong is a true talented actress indeed.

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A true talent

Michelle Chong is one of my favourite female actress in Singapore! Unlike many others in the media industry, Michelle appears to me as a true talent - she brings life to every character she plays! 'Leticia' is the best, I swear!

I started paying more attention to her after her involvement in 'The Noose', and after I caught her movie, 'Already Famous', I never missed any of her shows, whether on television or on the internet.

Her bubbly and optimistic personality attracts me most! Despite faced with challenges, she managed to overcome them and continue shining. I follow most of her accounts - each of her character has their individual account - Twitter, and 'Leticia', one of her accounts, always tweets jokes that crack me up.

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I was not that much into her when she first started off playing minor supporting characters in dramas. Although there were times when she did appear slightly more, she was not one who really caught my eye. Not until only recently, after watching the Noose, I thought that she is really one actress with substance and not just a pretty face.

Although she does not carry herself as prominently as some of the other actresses, giving off a constant vibe and aura, her vibrant personality is what shines through in her acting. I really admire her ability to mimic characters and act so "into" the character when put in different scenarios in the Noose.

She really does it so well that whenever I see her, I think of Lulu and a distinct chinese accent emerging from her. Very nicely played indeed. An outstanding mediacorp star of our generation I would say,

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