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Fiona Xie is a popular Singaporean actress who made her debut in the hit series Growing Up. She quickly moved on to hosting and is best-known for hosting the long-running series, City Beat. Consistently voted as one of the sexiest women in Singapore every year, Fiona Xie looks set to move on to greater heights at MediaCorp TV.


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Wonderful personality and skills

Almost everyone I know (and all the other reviews I've read on Fiona Xie) aims to talk about her (very) strong sex appeal and that desirable figure. Yes, that's an irrefutable fact.

But I can see she's so much more than that! Xie is a lively host - infecting the audience with her enthusiastic vibes and she's a good actress, playing one of the characters in my all-time favourite drama serial: "The Champion" to live with her natural acting skills. It is as though she has an inherent superstar quality in her that helps her with her strong audience affinity. She definitely lives up to her name as one of the princesses of Caldecott Hill as she wins the hearts of the masses with her wonderful personality and skills.

Alas, what a pity her presence in the media industry has waned across the years and we are seeing less and less of her appearances on TV. Seems to apply to most of the other great actresses and it's a sad waste, of course.

And now we can only wait patiently (hopefully not in vain) for more news from our favourite on-screen star.

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My Genie

I wonder if anyone misses the old sitcom era of Channel 8. I used to love those sitcom comedies and one of my favorites is my genie which starred Fiona Xie.

She was so adorable in that show and I thought she really brought out the role well. Of course, her petite frame and perfect figure was an added bonus to the role. Seeing that she isn’t as tall as her peers yet could shine like that, it definitely requires some talent on her part.

She then moved to the international level to pursue her career and we stopped seeing her so frequently for quite a while. One of her international films I remembered was her role as May in the Hong Kong horror movie Rule #1. I was pleasantly shocked when I saw her on screen and really hoped she could go far on the international level. Sadly, after a few more films, she totally vanished from the mainstream media that we were so used to seeing her.

I do stalk her on Instagram sometimes, but I hope she would make a comeback to the media one day. Her fans miss her!

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(Updated: August 10, 2013)

I miss her!

I miss seeing her. She has tanned skin, but pretty with ample bust. Finally, a Singaporean actress who is sexy! Too bad her acting career in Singapore is short-lived.

She is always portrayed as a bimbo but I believe that she is actually really smart. Quite often, she likes to act cute and purposely make her voice sounds cute which irks me, but it is tolerable as she is pretty, haha. I think she shouldn't act too "cheap" though, she seems like she's having an orgasm or recording some sex scenes in some of her dramas. It just ruins her image, especially to girls.

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Waste of talent

Fiona Xie should be a very smart lady. Just recently, I saw her in a local variety show hosted by Mark Lee and another Taiwan host. In that show, she was the only female and there were another two or three guys besides the two hosts.

She was portrayed as a bimbo in that show where the male celebrities try to take advantage of her through their conversations. She was not able to react fast enough to the barrage of comments made by the male celebrities and I felt really sad for her. A lady of her intelligence needing to participate in such a stupid variety program, it was really a waste of talent. If this was the type of show that Mediacorp expected her to appear in, then I will support her decision to leave.

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(Updated: February 25, 2013)

Where did she go?

She was the student my tuition teacher was ever so proud of. My teacher kept recounting tales about her student, Fiona Xie, to us. Equipped with a stack of vintage photographs. We gaped in awe the pictures, impressed by how she succeeded in maintaining the youthful face that isn't pockmarked by pimples. Indeed, there seemed to be not even the slightest trace that a pimple ever laid itself across her skin. How severely queer! Having a flawless skin is a limited edition condition when it comes to those who are based in Singapore! The humid and sweltering hot weather here certainly do not aid in combatting the pimple population.

Her show which advertised Australia for the lonely planet category was memorable enough to slot itself into the memory chip in my head. I recalled Fiona Xie approaching an ocean in Australia. The ocean carried a sea of dolphins. She was granted access to approach the dolphins within such a close proximity that Singapore Under Water World's Pink Dolphins sector will definitely be put to shame.

Unfortunately, she vanished after the captivating television programme. Where did she go? Why? She better return! We have yet to ask regarding her recipe that vanquishes pimples!

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(Updated: February 25, 2013)

I actually like her

Even though she is potrayed as a "bimbo", I can actually relate to her and though I find most actresses annoying when they dumb themselves down and act all air-headed, I think it suits her quite well (no offence)! It's like, she's a parody act of what a "bimbo" is all about.

She has the whole cute persona going on, and whenever I see her on TV, I would stay a little bit longer on that channel because of her.

Sometimes, another side of her (deeper, more complex) would be shown and i'm thankful for that - it shows she's human and really, I don't know how anyone could not like her! I wonder where she is now.. been a while since i saw her on TV..

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I don't think there is a single Singaporean male who doesn't find Fiona Xie remotely attractive. With her petite body and amazing curves, coupled with a bubbly and cheerful personality, how can anyone not love Fiona Xie?

However, I find that her roles always tend to be a little typical. In most, if not all, of the drama serials that she's acted in, she's almost always the cute, innocent, kind hearted protagonist who tends to be a little ditzy and air headed, but it never matters because her love interests always love her that way. I have no doubt that she can act, because her dialogues are always smooth and natural, and her facial expressions shift from one to the other seamlessly, and seeminly without much effort.

I particularly enjoyed her appearances in The Champion and Just In Singapore; A real pity she doesn't seem to be working with MediaCorp anymore.

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Hello the love of my life

Fiona Xie is my idea of a perfect woman.

I never used to be such a big fan till I saw her on a Singapore talk show that Mark Lee and 2 other Taiwan dudes hosted. She was being really bimbotic and cute and she didn't take offence at any of the jokes even though they were slightly rude.

I loved her in Genie and I never looked back. Here is a lady with assets to kill, a bubbly personality, and a host enough to make us smile. She is sassy and cute too. Did I say cute already? God never meant for cute and sexy to be put together. It confuses people and leaves me dumbfounded at even reviewing for my favorite darling.

She is also the pin up babe for all my army guy friends who have lists of things they want to do to her which really has decent to-dos like take her on a nice date. She is the epitome of a sexy woman who you still want to love and bring home to your parents. Also to show off to all your crying male friends who'll question the world why are some bastards so lucky.

Fiona Xie. Perfection.

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Sex appeal

Fiona Xie is the hottest thing in Singapore's Chinese media scene - no two questions about that. Before she took a break from the Singapore media scene, she was undeniably the sex symbol amongst a bevy of beauties. Every time she did something provocative, or showed her body off during a TV scene, men (and some women) all over Singapore start talking.

I am not ashamed to admit it; I am no different. I have always thought that she was the prettiest and sexiest woman on local television. However, I feel that her acting career could have been held back by the simple fact that she is eye candy. Sure she has proven that she can act, but when you get typecast as a seductive mistress or bikini babe for the majority of your career, your roles start to be limited.

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Gorgeous and talented.

One thing I love about Fiona Xie is that she's bilingual. In hosting "Coffee Talk and Hawker Woks" as well as "City Beat", she really caught my attention with how great she looks and how much of a natural she is while hosting.

From hosting to acting as a spoilt rich girl and even acting as a tomboy, Fiona Xie has convinced me of her versatility.

I would say that she is probably one of the most popular actresses on Caldecott Hill at this moment, given her endorsements and rapport with her fans and the public in general. There is definitely more to come from this lass in the future!

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