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Vivian Lai is a Taiwan-born Singaporean Mediacorp host and television actress.

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Great Host

Vivian Lai is a great host. She possesses a good sense of easiness that adds lightness to her shows. Apart from that, she is a bit 'blur' so there's additional humour injected as well. She has good chemistry with many other co-hosts and in totality, makes for an excellent all-rounded host.

Acting skills however, are mediocre at best. Perhaps it is because she has not been given any challenging role for her to show her true potential. All her onscreen characters have been rather dead, with no real test of acting ability. Hopefully as she continues in Mediacorp, she will be given these chances to shine.

Her easygoing personality makes her an excellent choice as a spokesperson too. Generally seen to be a family-type person, she is currently Pokka's spokeswoman. Not the most visually stunning or beautiful person, yet manages to carry that sense of familial ties and values in her shoots. Great job.

Side note: her performance in 有话好好说 was brilliant, and I loved every laughing minute of it.

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NIce Smile

Vivian has always struck me from the way that she carries herself - her beauty lies in her personality and her bubbly character that is present on screen. She is always cheerful and her smile is very bright, in a way that makes people feel warm and fuzzy on the inside. I still remember that she used to be a hit in many tv series in the past, but as of late, I haven't seen her being featured in any local dramas.

I think I also vaguely remember her advertising for certain products because of her infectious smile that makes her, as a cover girl, so much more attractive, helping to boost the sales and the image of the product that she is recommending. Seems to me that Mediacorp is really good at finding all these face talents. Acting wise, she is just mediocre, to the best of my memory, I do not remember any outstanding instances when she has shown extremely impressive acting skills.

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May be two characters

In order to survive in the show business, you may have to have two characters. One is your true character that may be only your family members and closest friends will know. The other is the public character you showed to the media. Both characters may be very different but not many people will know this.

I read the reviews below and most of the reviewers were criticising her based on her media image. I once saw her in real life with her daughter. She was keeping a very low profile and did not appear at all to be the bimbo that was shown on TV. I did not interact with her but based on how she was behaving in private, I think she may have two faces of characters.

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What is she doing?

Not a good host, not a good actress, not a good entertainer.

This woman has no talent whatsoever. She's just another semi-pretty face, who can speak Chinese well. She often appears loathed by the other celebrities, and constantly has her intellect undermined. It is no wonder why too. She does not possess an ounce of personality, charisma, and does not seem to be intelligent in the slightest too. On television programmes and reality shows, she simply appears to be a bimbo through and through.

No pretty face, no intelligence, no talent, how is this woman a celebrity?

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I really think she's a bimbo

I remember hearing her voice-over in Chingay once and at one point she's like "Wa! Fireworks wor! Wa!" and god I never wanted to throw a chair at my tv more.

She is an out-and-out bimbo. I hate chicks in bangs and this woman seems to think that image as her oxygen. I don't understand why she doesn't bother with an image change. How is this bimbotic thing worth sticking to?

She is a capable host. There was once she was hosting beside Michelle Chong and the latter made a harmless comment on Vivian's lack of intellect and instead of responding with a witty remark to prove it otherwise, she rolled her eyes distastefully.

Anddd that was when I swore I'll never watch her again.

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Versatile and open-minded

I remember hating her character in "Double Happiness", a chinese television drama in, if I am not wrong, 2004. She totally perfected the inconsiderate, cold and stubborn character, Jia Qian, in that show!

Of late, she is more involved in hosting television programmes, exhibiting her versatility. Having a voice appealing to the ears is most important to every host, but Vivian tends to sound sharp and shout too much in shows.

I never knew that she is so open-minded she could kiss a girl in public! The shocking image of her kissing another female actress on Star Award last year left me wide-eyed and speechless.

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