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An upcoming friendly and endearing lass.

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So surprised

Apart from the veterans, I feel that Pang is one of the rare gems in Mediacorp who can act and host so well simultaneously.

Her cheerful and bubbly character has garnered much of my support and love for her and to be honest, she is one of my idols in Mediacorp.

However, I am worried that her sudden pregnancy will make her lose many opportunities in this industry. I hope Kate Pang will reappear on TV as soon as she settles down with her new family!

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hosts better than she acts

Initially I really didn’t find her special at all. My impression of her is that she is just one of the many newbies who joined Mediacorp and might just disappear from screen after a while. Her roles on screen are pretty minor and do not have much room to flaunt her skills as well. But my impression took a turn after seeing her host the star awards 2013. She seems like a natural when it comes to hosting. Despite being new in the industry, she can carry on conversations with all the artistes and guests naturally. In fact, I think she is as good as the other experienced hosts. Perhaps she should consider hosting more than acting?

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Does not leave much impression

Kate did not leave much impression on me. If you asked me which show she had starred in, I would have difficulty answering you. I do remember seeing her on TV quite a lot but for which shows exactly or playing which character, I seriously have no impression.

She had the pitiful kind of look of women from yesteryear when women needed to be protected. This type of image no longer sells and she should really try to break away from such image if she really wants to leave an impression. Nowadays, confident women or even more boyish ladies are better remembered. Mediacorp has the tendency to stereotype a person based on their looks and cast a person for a show based on their looks. So you will also see the same person playing the damsel in distress and the same person playing villains. Over time, this will get very stale and their shows no longer appeal.

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Out of nowhere, this actress appeared in many different shows on channel 8 dramas and I have to say that it wasnt very pleasant at first as I took a while to get used to her. When I first saw kate pang on television, I was really very unimpressed with her pitiful impersonation on the character. I caught in the constant debate on if it was her natural look that makes her look pitiful or that she was putting up an act. The impression she left on me was of “the crying face actress”.

It seems like many more of the shows nowadays are featuring her and as she gets different roles in shows, her unflattering first impression slowly went away. I would still not say that she is one of my favourites but at least she is tolerable in roles and I am not as put off by her being in shows as I was initially. Her rising status in the media industry is no doubt one that has taken me by surprise, considering how I did not like her too much in her pioneer days. However, as she continues to improve and progress as a character I would definitely say that I look forward to seeing more of her.

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Kate Pang is probably one of the rising actresses in the media industry that MediaCorp aims to promote, as evident from the countless number of roles that she seems to have been dabbling in as of late. However, despite this, I still do not see the 'it' factor in Kate Pang that ought to surface in a rising actress.

Personally, I feel that Kate Pang is just another typical actress. From her hosting shows, she seems a little ditzy and clueless at times, and her charisma does not shine through. Furthermore, she seems to have a lack of tact, and was even given a thumbs down on 8 Days for her poor hosting during an episode.

When it comes to looks, Kate Pang is pretty, but perhaps that is the only extent to which her appearance can be described. She is pleasant looking, but not mind numbingly beautiful like Felicia Chin or Fann Wong.

She has indeed shown that she has a skill for acting though, as her acting is not awkward like several other newcomers, and she displays emotions flawlessly. However, I suppose her main shortcoming is that she fails to make an impression on the audience, and if given an image revamp, she could probably yield greater success in the industry.

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Kate Pang is the definition of mediocre. She is moderately talented and has a moderately pretty face. In terms of looks, she definitely loses out to the other starlets like Felicia Chin and Rebecca Lim. In terms of personality, she doesn't really stand out either and she appears to be the exact replica of Vivian Lai in that department.

In fact, she seems to be constantly living in Vivian's shadow, being just another actress from Taiwan.

What sets her apart from the pack is probably her diligence. She tries hard to impress others and make her mark on the industry. What is worrying though is that she may come across as trying too hard.

Overall, she's simply average.

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Talented, but tries too had sometimes.

Kate Pang is not even Singaporean, but she sure has wasted no time in settling down here and bursting onto our entertainment scene, and even endearing herself to the public with her hyper-enthusiastic performances.

I find that she is funny indeed, and that she knows how to bring out a laugh from unsuspecting people. With her easy-going charisma and quick-wittedness, she has the potential to be one of the best comediennes around in Singapore.

There are time, though, I can see it's kind of obvious that she's trying too hard. Perhaps nervous or over-eager, Kate Pang needs some coaching this aspect.

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Cute character

I have seen Kate Pang appearing and hosting on several variety shows and I think that she is rather funny and somehow do show her true character through these variety shows. She gives off an image to people that shows that she has a simple mind. However, there was one show that was hosted by Lee Teng which tests the IQ of the guests and she was one of them. I was rather surprised that she was able to get quite a few of the questions right, despite the image she shows.

I think for her acting, she seems to have a lot of potential in it. I think she can improve a lot more or show more of what she has got if her roles appear more during the drama and were more distinctive.

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(Updated: October 02, 2013)

Would be better as an Actress

Like Sora Ma, Kate Pang also started out slightly late in acting. The pretty lass is 29 years of age. No question, she's one of the upcoming actresses to watch out for. Though she did not get the Top 10 Most Popular Female Artistes, Kate managed to clinch the newcomer award, having beat out favourites like Romeo Tan and Jeffrey Xu. Yes! Girl Power!

I first saw Kate on the tv screen when she was portraying the sweet and delicate Lin Le in 乐在双城 A Tale of 2 Cities. Then, it was the demure Xu Si Wen 许思雯 in Devotion 阿娣. She surprised me when she took on the role of Zhong Ling in 边缘父子 On The Fringe. Talk about a 180 degree change. Her most recent role is the tough Sun Lian Qing in 花样人间 Joys Of Life.

Kate also dabbles in hosting. Although I feel that she should stick to acting. People are not going to be great at both. You're going to be better at one, so you might as well stick to the one you're good at.

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