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Recently named one of Caldecott Hill's Seven New Princesses by online entertainment portal xinmsn, Rebecca is a fast rising star.

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Humble and Classy

There’s no one I know who doesn’t like Rebecca. Not only does she have that classy disposition that we can’t find easily in others but I also love her for her humbleness.

I can still vividly remember her speech in the star awards 2014 which was so touching I cried a little. She looked really shocked that day and almost cried on stage. Not only that, she also sincerely showed her appreciation to all the veterans who were nominated for the same award.

Aside from the star awards, she seems to be a humble actress who doesn’t blindly seek fame and is someone who firmly believes in hard work. She is definitely one great actress who would bring MediaCorp to greater heights.

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President of Improvements

Her acting skills used to be rather stiff and robotic. She said the lines like a monotonous machine. I found myself yawning when I watched her shows. She sounded like a robot that hasn’t been oiled for centuries.

However, she seemed to bloom into a much more natural actress in her recent dramas. She displayed her tremendous improvements via differing roles. Those roles showcased her versatility. Hence, she got casted into numerous hit shows. She even acted alongside local big names like Zoe Tay.

I was impressed! What potion did she drink? She seemed to have attained such vast improvements within an impressive rate of time? Her performances onscreen were so natural that nobody was yawning. Nobody. Such a far cry from her debut drama.

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Most Improved Princess

Rebecca Lim is one of my favourite female actresses in Mediacorp. I will always make an effort to watch her shows and am very happy to be able to witness her vast improvement from show to show.

Initially, I was quite disturbed by her not-so-perfect Mandarin pronunciation but her skillful acting talent has erased that 'disturbance' from me and now, I am loving every role that she takes on!

She certainly possesses what it takes to be one of Caldecott Hill's seven princesses.

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Amongst all the female Mediacorp artistes, Rebecca Lim is one of my favourite actresses. Although she is relatively new and does not have much experience, I like that she is incredibly versatile and also proficient in both English and Chinese, which allows her to communicate and have fans from both sides of the spectrum. Rebecca Lim arguably made her first break with popular Channel 5 legal drama The Pupil, but has since enjoyed immense success after crossing over to Channel 8. She is also not afraid to air her religious views on Instagram, and often credits her success to God which I admire very much.

I like that Rebecca Lim is pleasant and she has that feel about her that makes me think that no one could ever hate or dislike her simply because she's just so sweet! But don't let her sweet face fool you into thinking that she doesn't have talent. I was throughly impressed with her performance on the Channel 8 drama Sudden, which required her to play both a sweet and naive lawyer AND her cunning, manipulative twin sister at the same time. It was such a pleasure to watch her in that role which suited her perfectly.

Rebecca Lim was also an invited guest judge on model reality TV show, Supermodel Me: Femme Fatale. Although she seemed a little out of her comfort zone and not entirely confident with her comments and inputs, I think it shows us viewers snippets of what she could be capable of doing in the future. I look forward to more of her and I can't wait to see what she comes up with next.

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Suitable role makes one like the actress

In channel 8 drama series Poetic Justice, Rebecca played Luo Ling well, depicting fully the nuances of the character. I was touched by Luo Ling, in part due to Rebecca’s acting. Luo Ling was initially a stubborn character who prefers doing things her way which is often restricted by not taking into account the plight of others. However, throughout the series, Luo Ling falls in love with Zhengye who pursued her relentlessly at the start. Their relationship meets some trouble and it is at this point Luo Ling makes a decision to change for the love of Zhengye.

The reason why Luo Ling was such an attractive character in the film was due to Rebecca’s portrayal of her. Luo Ling transforms from the character you dislike at the start to someone you really admire at the end of the series. Thanks to Rebecca. Luo Ling was a suitable role for her.

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Refreshing new look!

I first come to know Rebecca Lim through the famous Channel 5 "The Pupil".

For an amateur, she has certainly impressed and wowed many with her decent and above-average acting skills. On top of that, with humans innately being visual creatures - her dazzling smile, the charming eyes, and the charismatic disposition and personality she possess certainly catches the eye of the media, and many of the audience - allowing her to shoot to stardom in rapidity.

I admire the fact that she's effectively bilingual, and can star in both mandarin drama serials and English.

In addition, her abilities does not only stop at her acting skills or just skin-deep beauty. She studied in various prestigious schools such as Victoria Junior College and CHIJ St Nicholas' Girls school which suggests that she also possess high intellectual capacity.

A brainy, yet sexy and pretty actress - such a refreshing new look for Mediacorp!

Only if there were more actresses like her.

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Cool beauty

Perhaps Rebecca Lim may really make it big as a cool beauty but I find her acting skills rather stiff and without much variations in her previous shows like Breakout (破天网), Secret Garden (秘密花园), C.L.I.F (警徽天职), Absolutely Charming (糊里糊涂爱上它), Unriddle 2 (最火搭档2) and Poetic Justice (微笑正义).

I hope to see her improve in Dream Makers which is currently showing, but not likely from the few episodes that I caught with her in them.

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Don't Like Her

I don’t like her. Whenever she appears on screen, she annoys me in an inexplicable way. Is she pretty? Undeniably yes.

But I don’t like her. I just don’t. I don’t think she’s a fantastic actress to start with. She is stiff. When she’s not doing something majorly dramatic—like crying—she just floats around on the screen. Her presence is nothing close to riveting. Only useful when she has the limelight thrust upon her. More accomplished actors can capture your attention such that while some floundering newbie is given the spotlight in the foreground. She isn’t there yet.

Of course, she saying that she would be ‘embarrassed’ because she ‘wasn’t good enough’ (or something like that) if she did get the Best Actress Award in the 2013 Star Awards did nothing to improve my impression of her.

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Suitable for Taiwan drama

The scenes that made me noticed Rebecca Lim were mostly scenes when she was crying. It seemed that tears come naturally to her. Sadly, crying is one the simplest acting skills and any person wanting to succeed in acting needs to be able to let tears flow freely.

Taiwan is well known for their teary dramas. At one time, my father-in-law was such a fan for Taiwan drama that every time I was there, his TV would be showing a Taiwan drama and most of the scenes would show someone shouting and someone else crying. If Rebecca does not improve her other aspects of acting, then she may need to move to Taiwan to continue her acting career. If she is chosen to act in a comedy and she is able to act convincingly then her career should be secured.

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Rebecca Lim is undeniably becoming the new face of Mediacorp. Stunning good looks, a good command of English and a perfect smile. Rebecca Lim has a very "innocent" good-girl look and that has made her acting even more enjoyable. She has the ability to make you really engrossed into the programme.

Her acting was The Pupil was really amazing. One of the best performances by a local actress I have ever seen. She portrayed the character of an apprentice lawyer so well that I could not miss a single episode. Her superb acting was really one of the reasons as to why The Pupil was one of the more successful Mediacorp productions. She is definitely becoming a rising star in local television!

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