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Joanne was talent-spotted after she won the title of Miss Elegant and Miss Personality in Miss Singapore Universe 2002 and began acting in many TV serials. She won the new LUX  girl position and endorses many top brands.

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The Girl with the Wide Smile

Yup, that's exactly how I remember Joanne Peh. I know she's also an actress, but she has not shone in her roles thus far. It's like I can vaguely remember her on screen, but there's no real lasting memory. However, I think she's more suited to hosting roles. She is effectively bilingual, and she has been tasked to host Channel 5 shows quite often. For example, she hosted Sasuke Singapore, a popular variety show where participants had to weave through challenging obstacles.

Her personal life is pretty juicy as well. She is probably best known for dating radio DJ cum hot hunk Bobby Tonelli. Unfortunately (or fortunately), they have broken up! Things were exciting while they lasted though.

Nonethless, Joanne Peh is a sweet girl with a radiant smile. As long as she doesn't get herself embroiled into scandals, she'll be just fine. We all already love her anyway.

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I used to support Peh as I felt that she was one of the more hardworking actresses in this field. Her role in "Little Nyonya" has left a very deep and good impression on many people, including me.

She has a sweet smile and can host and act equally well. Her recent show in "Voyage" was, however, so-so and there was nothing spectacular about the role. I hope to be able to witness Peh taking up more challenging roles and surprise us with her potential!

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Sweet looking girl.

While she has a memorable face, I think the only show that I've caught with her acting would be the little nonya. In that particular local production, I think that her character was the hardest to portray - not only did she have to cry pitifully at certain scenes, and she did well I must add, she had to also be sweet-tempered and kind despite circumstances.

On-screen, she seems like a likable personality, however, I'm not too sure with her off-screen character. Gossip is that she broke up with her ex-boyfriend Bobby Tonelli and went together with Qi Wu - and that's all I know about her.

Maybe she might not be as appealing in other local dramas, but I do know that her character in the Little Nonya won me over. Maybe I'll leave my judgement on her acting based on her future dramas - if I catch them on Channel 8.

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(Updated: August 10, 2013)

Not a fan

She looks pretty decent and her acting skill is so-so. I don't bother with gossips about her so I don't know if there are any bad things that she did. She looks very much like one of my seniors at school.

I really find her unmemorable, very hard to like. She will always be that actress I wouldn't bother to know more about. Even when she's the main actress, she doesn't stand out much to me.

I think she writes quite well though. If I remember correctly, I first read her blog when she took a photo with Xiaxue. Unfortunately, she doesn't update her blog often.

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Reigns supreme in the commercial sector

I recalled flicking my television on at 9pm to tune into 'The Little Nyonya'. I was instantly greeted by Joanne Peh acting as a mentally unstable patient who was serenaded by a sea of cockroaches. Impressive. I will certainly never, ever so ever agree to be swamped by an ocean of insects no matter the species. It still irks me whenever I chance upon even a plastic replica of those repulsive looking creepy crawlies.

Frankly, I thought Joanne Peh would not stay on screen permanently. She exuded a queer vibe; like her acting career was a part time situation that enabled her to quench her boredom. Hence, I was taken aback when she began plopping back onscreen via both TV shows and commercials. Lots of it. She brought along a mysterious sense of memorability towards the items that she endorsed. Walk to the left, the right, front and back. I'd see her face plastered everywhere accompanied by a gigantic bottle of Lux. Oh no, it doesn't end there. Her commercials conquered the advertising sector onscreen too. They're repeated a gazillion times till viewers like me had the knack of memorising those commercial lines of hers.

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Deep inside no matter how much you love an actress or actor, you know that there is a part of them that is fake, and no doubt as professional actors, it is easy to be deceived by the false impression that have painstakingly crafted to fool the audience.

Joanne Peh, however, is an exception. Like many others, she tries very hard to create an ideal celebrity image, but fails miserably because her acting just isn’t up to the mark, both on screen and off screen. She tries to be sexy and alluring, no doubt appearance wise she has succeeded, but from the way she talks and her mannerism, it’s a little too obvious she’s coming across as trying-too-hard.

Every time it’s her scene, my face turns sour and I excrete intestine-long criticisms. (sorry for the gory reference) Spokesperson for advertisements – hot body, plastic face. Emcee? Strong command of English - fair enough. Always hitting headlines with her gossips and change of relationship statuses - scripted and deliberately dramatized. (what’s new?) What seems absolutely incomprehensible is how she managed to clinch even a supporting role in local dramas. Dear Joanne Peh, brush up your acting skills and at least I’d say you are a successful pseudo.

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Conflicting characters

On screen, she looked like the sweet and totally approachable lady. But off screen, there was this news where she argued with some waiters or waitresses over a glass of water. So which is her real character?

Being a public figure can be stressful and it was easy to get negative news for the smallest of incidents. I believed for the restaurant incident, it may just a small miscommunication that got blown out of proportion. Joanne must still be the likeable character that she portrayed in front of the TV cameras.

There is a Chinese saying "树大招风". Translated, it means when you are prominent, you will need to face the wind. If someone is willing to write about such a trivial incident, it must mean she is prominent enough.

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(Updated: February 02, 2013)

Looks do not count for ability

Joanne Peh is rather decent looking, and has a sweet expression that probably appeals to many people. However, I personally feel that the looks required in the beauty and modelling industry does not relate to the skill of acting. While she looks pretty decent and sweet, her ability to act is questionable at times.

Most of the times she can act quite well, but in some of the dramas she has acted in, I have found on numerous occasions that she had a lack of portrayal of expression and at times I felt she was reciting her lines and not acting her part out. Sure she has her good moments in drama, but I feel that the occasional holes in her playing of her part seriously affects her name as an actress, despite her apparent versatility in taking on different roles.

As a variety show hostess, she is not too bad. She is able to bring out just enough live to the show, but sometimes, her comments or jokes do not fit the background mood of the show, which then questions the wittiness of the content of the commentary. In conclusion, I feel is an actress with pretty decent looks but need much improvement in terms of her acting and hosting although they are already of quite a good standard.

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Singapore's best actress

Joanne Peh really brings out the better side of local television. A good command of English, a talented actress and of course, stunning good looks. Be it a drama series or a reality show, Joanne Peh can make any show come to life.

Her work in Code of Law was simply the best I have ever seen in any local production. She really showed the more matured side of her in the show and literally could be in comparison with any American produced TV series. She was one of the reasons why Code of Law was made one of the more successful local production.

She also brought up the more youthful and energetic side of her while hosting Sasuke Singapore. Always putting on a beautiful smile in front of the camera whilst cracking witty jokes, she really makes the show more entertaining, A talented actress indeed!

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(Updated: January 18, 2013)

My mum loves her!

My mum is always going gaga over the fact that Joanne Peh has such a sweet smile, looks cool, is a born beauty! Yes, whenever she catches Joanne Peh on the screen, she goes "wooooo"!!

Yes, I am not arguing on any of the above points simply because I agree with her. Of cause, not so to the extend of going gaga with my mum. Instead, I would say that Joanne Peh's proving herself well with all the shows and commercials that she's taking up. And I must say that she has acted very well in The Little Nyonya.

I love the sunshine in her. You can't miss those darlie smiles!

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