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Jeanette Aw is a popular Singaporean actress who's breakout  role in the Little Nonya earned her many fans and awards. She has regularly been in the Top 10 most popular female artiste category even since 2002 and has graced the cover of many local magazines.

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Sweet princess

I Love Jeanette Aw. I love all her dramas from Little Nyonya, The peak, and i cant wait for the upcoming drama airing on Christmas Eve- X-Beyond.

To be fair, i do not think her acting will blow one mind's away but i feel she is one hardworking actress that has grabbed hold and made use of the opportunities that comes along the way. She is also very sweet and humble on TV shows or even at events in Singapore. I feel that humility is important in the entertainment inudstry.

Having read her new book Definitions, i really gathered much insights into her acting career, and i am glad she made the brave leap from a NUS Honours graduate student to acting.

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No talent, no personality, no style.

For Jeanette Aw, all I can say is that the outline has been drawn, but she has yet to be coloured in. She's improving, which is great, and she does have the potential to go slightly further, but you can't force talent. And she is certainly not talented.

It seems like all you have to do to become an actress is to have somewhat pleasant, girl-next-door features. You don't have to have any intellect or talent, because well, Singapore's media scene is pathetic. Rui En, Jeanette Aw... They are all cookie cutter semi-pretty girls, replicas of each other. They are like bugs that you keep on probing after they're dead, trying to find a hint of life or some sense of self. If you held one of those airport detector wands over them for personality, it wouldn't even bleep.

Jeanette Aw can't act, but I suppose that's obvious. She is also far from humble, which is uncalled for, because she's just another pretty face. And God only knows how many pretty faces there are in Singapore.

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Aw, that's bad.

She hasn't left a good impresssion on any of my acquaintances so far actually. All feedbacks were of the same nature : " too stuck up" "arrogant" and things to that effect.

Well, i do think she is pretty, but definitely not the prettiest in Mediacorp, with a pretty face but a lack of personality, this will not get you far. i guess i was right, upon seeing the other reviews.

Recently i feel that she is getting too thin actually, my mum speculated it must be due to the slimming pills she had been advertising about. But, yea, she is too thin it doesn't even look flattering for her anymore.

Let's hope she does better be it her acting or her personality.

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Not sure if low self esteem or stuck-up turpitude

Coming from National JC, my hangouts of choice were naturally old faves like Guthrie House at 6th Avenue and King (of Timewasting) Albert Park Mcdonalds. Interestingly, those two places marked my thankfully few brushes with this "star", who used to be a geeky looking band girl from NJC, few batches before mine.

Today, she does still look decent without makeup. But boy, is she really a one-dimensional vase. On both occasions, I've witnessed fangirls (why do they exist) approach her for autographs and short chats - which she declined with her "JingJing*"-ish awkward shrug and shake of her head.

Oh wait, she did say a "No" once - it was whispered so softly, that the decibel levels couldn't have been any higher than within earshot of puppies. Infuriating.

Personality of an empty A4 paper, with equal talent to boot.

* for the uninitiated, Jing Jing is her role (depicting a dimwitted girl) in "Holland Village" - one of the rare, highly acclaimed extended drama serials which aired on Channel 8 previously.

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A pretty face

But how terribly boring.

She is extremely girl-next-door. You wouldn't call her hot, or sexy, you are stuck to calling her pretty for the rest of her life. Jeanette Aw just has a face that has no strong personality to it. But she is still, well, very pretty, and she can act pretty well so that contributes to her survival on tv.

I never liked any of her roles as much as I loved her as Mo Jingjing. Like fore-mentioned, she does not have a strong face, so she always seem out of place in her newer roles. But as Mo Jingjing, she had one singular task - look stupid. And boy did she play that to perfection.

A pretty lady.

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Indeed, she has a charming smile and as a public figure, she attracts many.

However, her style of acting is more suitable for a theatrical performance - well, she was a theatre studies student - than a television series; her exaggerated expressions and body language make me cringe.

She recently wrote a bioautography, Definitions, and came to me school to promote it to us. It was obvious that she came unprepared - not just under-prepared - and for the whole hour, she literally giggled her way through to avoid the awkwardness, but to no avail, I'd say. Also, her answers to our queries were irrelevant and childish, but the majority were too mesmerized by her to care if she was talking intelligently. There is one word to describe my impression of her - bimbo.

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Pretty and talented

She burst onto the local media scene in the early 2000s', and hasn't looked back since. Part of the '7 Princesses from Caldecott', Jeanette Aw has blossomed from a startling into a star in her own right.

Although no Zoe Tay or Fann Wong, she is arguably the most popular media darling in recent years. With the departure of sexpot Fiona Xie, the postponement of Felicia Chin, and the lesser known roles of other stars, Aw has truly risen above the crowd and established herself as a main event player. I remembered her role in the recent rope-skipping drama on Channel 8, and she has grown so much compared to five years ago.

Expect more things from her.

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Holland V

I vividly remember Jeanette Aw in her role in the hit local Chinese drama "Holland V". It was the show that got me to like her as an actress.

However, as time went by, I started to like her less. I honestly didn't find anything great about her acting in The Little Nyonya. Yes, I guess it was pretty amazing that she managed to persevere through the ordeal of being caned for real on set, over and over, but...I remember this scene when she was saying something serious, and I felt she overdid it. I cannot remember exactly what she said, but it was a scene that always remains in my brain, and not for a good reason...

I also kind of do not like her cool and serious roles. To me, she just appears to be trying too hard, and ends up overacting. She suits the Holland V role more than anything else, and maybe she should consider sticking to such roles. Don't get me wrong, she should be expanding her career and trying on new things, but she should know what kind of character she's best at too, and I hope she does.

All the criticism aside, she is one of the up and coming rising local stars, which will guarantee her more roles in the future, and she will definitely have a good career ahead of her as she has a lot of supporters, plus she is likeable too, I guess.

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Talented actress, more to come from her.

I feel that when Jeanette Aw played Mo Jingjing in "Holland V", she finally showed a glimpse of the actress she really is. Playing a simple girl with low intelligence must have been tough on Jeanette, who I feel is one of the more expressive actresses in MediaCorp.

Although she kind of suffered a dip in form, I'm glad she took on the lead role in "The Little Nonya" I feel that it was this drama series which finally propelled her to the fame she deserves for all her hard work. There can only be more to offer from this talented lass, and I'm gonna be looking out for more of her!

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(Updated: November 17, 2013)

Simply Jeanette!

I get depressed or upset whenever I see Jeanette Aw. No, I'm not a hater. It's just so happens that she's always portraying ill-fated characters. People who have seen her in The Little Nyonya《小娘惹》 and Destiny in Her Hands《断掌的女人》 will agree with me on this one.

Personally, I like her in Holland V《荷兰村》 and Jump!《跳浪》. Her role as the naive and sweet Mo Jingjing in Holland V was a pleasant change.

She further proves her acting chops as Xiao Chunli in the comedy series, Jump! In my opinion, it's nice to see her in comedy roles. I'm still not entirely convinced to see her in edgy roles; her role as Yang Nianqing in Breakout lacks conviction.

Though she has yet to garner a Best Actress award, you cannot deny that Ms Jeanette Aw is one of the most popular actresses in Singapore.

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