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Born in 1971, Fann Wong was one of the biggest Singaporean celebrities and for a long time  was considered a screen "rival" to queen of Caldecott hill Zoe Tay as they were Singapore's two biggest TV stars. She broke into showbiz at the early age of 16, winning a "Her World" contest and scholarship. She then got scouted and entered acting where she enjoyed a long succesful career in many  Singaporean produced television dramas.

2003 was her breakout yet where she became one of the first Singaporeans to star in a Major Hollywood film "Shanghai Knights" alongside Jackie Chan and Owen Wilson where she played Jackie Chan's sister. She also had decent  success as a Singer.

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(Updated: December 22, 2013)

Best actress hands down

Hands down the best actress in Singapore. Ever. You give her a role, she will play it flawlessly. She can scream, she can give a death stare, she can give a poker face that is so straight you will cringe. She even played a very convincing mental nutcase in The Defining Moment back in 2008, which I loved so much.

She is also really really pretty and that really gives her the femme fatale look she can exploit when she plays one of authority in shows. I really hope to see her star in a local drama again. Her singing is also excellent.

Her range of facial expressions and tone of voice makes her able to play a wide array of characters, from a happy-go-lucky girl, a gangster, and a CEO who turns insane. I always wondered how one can be so good in acting. She deserves Hollywood.

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(Updated: August 10, 2013)

Most beautiful Singaporean actress

She is very charming and attractive, I really like looking at her in her dramas or movies. Truthfully, I don't think her acting is great but her appearance really make up for it. I would continue to watch a boring drama just because she's in it. She has such flawless skin which I really envy!

Even though she's 40+ now, she looks like 20+. She seems to look the same as when she first started. I wonder what's her secret? I wish she would write a beauty book and share all her beauty secrets with us!

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(Updated: February 15, 2013)

omg i love you fann!

Omg! It's Fann Wong! She is so so so so so so pretty and i spent a huge part of my childhood revolving my life around her shows, songs and movies.

Just look at that face, her nose is so bloody flat, BUT, she is drop dead gorgeous! High cheekbones, bubbly personality, melodious voice, the list goes on and on. You don't need a nose job to look gorgeous, you just need to have the right features and you can be Fann Wong! Actually i doubt it, i doubt we can have another Fann Wong, she is legendary. She is the right woman at the right time and she stole all our hearts, except Zoe Tay's fans of course.

She used to live 3 minutes from my house and i will spy on her with my mom. My mom actually didn't know i was spying but she came along anyway. She was more successful than me and ended up being friends with Fann's mom and Tanya Chua's mother, who all still work out at the same park.

Oh man, i sound like a creepy fan, but that is all in the past and i'm a normal human now.

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My alumni

Fann Wong was from the same secondary school as me. I am not in my secondary school alumni and even if I am, I don't think I will see her going for the alumni events given her busy schedule.

She is one year my senior and I cannot claim that I knew her from my secondary school days. I don't even remember noticing her in my school, I will fail terribly if I work as a talent scout.

Her rise to stardom was different from the routes of people like Zoe. She was not a winner from Star Search where the winners would be promised major roles in new drama serials as part of their prize. She must have worked hard to create her own path to stardom.

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One of the best, locally-produced actresses

One of the best landmarks in Singapore's media industry history would be Fann Wong's wedding to Christopher Lee, it was a widely publicised event, celebrated by all her fans (including me). Indeed, the clamour is indicative of her glamour and popularity in Singapore.

A veteran actress, her skills are indeed one of the most refined in Mediacorp. One of the most memorable episodes of her acting would be in Just Follow Law, where she had to pretend that a male spirit is inside her. Indeed, her skills is such that it led me to believe that there really was a male spirit possessing her. It was unbelievable, a 180 degree swap of character.

Though in recent years she hasn't been appearing regularly on the entertainment scene, there lingers an enduring quality about her. She'll always be a fundamental pillar of the entertainment scene as it progressed from the 20th century to the 21st century

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Still going strong.

Though we hardly see her on TV nowadays, she is still not forgotten by her fans and viewers. She sings, acts, hosts and can even model, so she is definitely very much wanted in the showbiz industry. She is one of the Ah Jies with her long lists of acting accolades.

One thing i find her is that i feel she is a tad proud of her own achievements, unlike Zoe, who is humble and reserved. That is a very important factor to me, in terms of how i view a celebrity or a famous face.

Her acting, which i cannot deny is indeed better than your average actress, she imparts soul and emotions into the character. I remember when she was acting as a woman who went a little nuts, and the scenes where she started screaming and shouting like a mental patient were so real, complete with her bawling her eyes out. Not many can pull off these type of acts.

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Fann Wong is probably MediaCorp's greatest actress. She is the most famous local actress that has managed to score a role in Hollywood, and make it big in a smash-hit film.

She is the epitome of elegance. Like red wine, age merely serves to refine her looks, tone up her cheeks and jaws, and give her eyes a look of exuberant wiseness. In fact, one can hardly tell that she has hit the prime age of 41 because she certainly still looks like she can pass of for a woman in her 30s any day.

As MediaCorp's favourite actress, she has dabbled in roles in several films. She can act as a perfect damsel-in-distress, as a possibly psychopathic overachiever who is on the verge of insanity, and even as a gangster. Really, is there anything this woman cannot do? Her versatility certainly adds on further to her existing charm.

A remarkable actress, though she leaves me pondering about the curious case of Benjamin Button each time I see a picture of her.

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(Updated: November 19, 2013)

Gorgeous but overrated

She was my favourite actress when I was a child.

Well all that has changed. Her recent performances have been immensely disappointing and I've heard that her fans were disillusioned after meeting her in person due to her cold personality in real life and her arrogant attitude towards them, in stark contrast to her warm television persona. I've also heard that she carries an air of superiority about her.

Her performance in Shanghai Knights was simply terrible. I found her to be a disgrace to Singapore due to her horrid English pronunciation. Her accented English made it difficult for me to understand her, and her English paled in comparison to the other Chinese actresses there. She has also come under fire by critics for that.

No one can deny that she's a stunner though. She doesn't have that kind of bubbly prettiness that wears away with age, but rather this elegance and beauty that only gets better through the years. She looks exactly the same as she did when I started watching her television programmes when I was seven. She looks even better, astonishingly!

It is definitely an understatement to say she has aged gracefully, unfortunately though, her acting hasn't improved through the years.

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Number 1 or 2

Number 1 or 2? Well, that depends whether you are a Fann Wong mark, or a Zoe Tay fan. For me however, I feel that she's probably the best actress Singapore has ever produced. One reason - Hollywood.

Anyone remember Shanghai Knights? At that time, she was a pioneer, one of the first Singaporeans to make it to the big leagues. The fact that she was casted to play the role of Chon Lin proved that she has the talent that many can only wish they possess. Speaking as a red-blooded male, she is incredibly attractive, perhaps still the most elegant looking actress today.

Truly a marvel.

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Fann Wong is a goddess

I do not know her character off-screen because I am not a fan of anyone enough to do that but this woman is a goddess.

Can you believe this woman is 41? At 41, she is still gracing commercials cut for 21 year olds and playing roles with such lithe and fervor that you'd wonder if she's new and eager to impress us but she's not, she's just painfully gifted.

I loved her performance in the Singapore gangster drama. Her portrayal went beyond what seems believable and she brought her character to life easily. But that besides, look at the woman again.

How can she be 41 this year? It feels as if the Keeper Of Aging was adjusting his glasses when he came to Fann Wong's name and completely skipped past her and went straight to Xiang Yun. The woman hasn't aged a bit in years and Christopher Lee should thank his lucky stars that his wife is Singapore's prime.

God this woman.

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