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Ann Kok started her acting career in 1993 after reaching the finals in the local talent-search competition Star Search. She starred in many leading roles and in the year 2000 ventured overseas to expand her acting career, but did not receive much success and returned back to MediaCorp in 2005. She has been nominated for the best actress awards multiple times at the Star Awards.

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(Updated: February 01, 2013)

Need to be a bit more versatile

For me, Ann Kok is one of the few Mediacorp beauties that can actually act. I can’t help but find the acting ability of a number of young Mediacorp actresses appalling. Fortunately the same cannot be said about Ann Kok. In the many drama series that I have watched her act, her superior ability and experience shows. She is able to get a good grasp of her emotions and to know how to use them in different occasions.

I just hope to see Ann doing taking up more challenging roles aside from the usual alpha female mum that she usually plays.

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Deserves better

While she may be no ravishing beauty, she does have a mysterious trait of 'agelessness'. Despite her trotting closer and closer to being middle aged, her figure and appearance can be easily edited to become one who is in her twenties or an elderly person.

Her acting skills is just as good as her ability to 'morph' her appearance, and in the countless dramas she has starred in that I have watched, she has flawlessly played out her roles as a mother, depressed woman, demoness, plotter and more recently, the hilarious Vivian in It Takes Two, in which some people could not even recognize her at first under her make-up and her changing of her speaking tone.

I believe that here skill is comparable to the retired Ye Shao Guang, who was another brilliant actor, but she does not get the recognition she deserves for her talents. Maybe next time she stars in a drama, scoot over from the more recognised celebrities such as Jeanette Aw and appreciate her ability to act and change her look.

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Totally admirable

When I was watching "It takes two", I was guessing who was the actress playing Vivian. With all the funny makeup and the stoned expressions. I was proud to say after watching a few episodes, I was able to guess it was played by Ann Kok.

When I told my wife I had guessed who the actress, she just told me she already knew. It may already had been in the newspaper or other magazines that my wife usually read. I was a big enough fan of Ann Kok to get able to see through her disguise.

I had been a fan of her since my younger days and her younger days and I was a bit disappointed when she left Mediacorp. I am glad she is back and she is still as good or even better in her acting now. I hope she is back to stay for good.

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A hardworking and versatile actress

Ann Kok was one of my favourite actresses when I was younger. In the past I would usually associate her with Fann Wong, Zoe Tay and a few others reputable Mediacorp actresses. Although she left Mediacorp for a while, her comeback was certainly welcomed by us.

I like her for her ability to portray so many roles and all her efforts put into each show. One of the latest popular roles of her would be her portrayal as Vivian in it takes two. Through Vivian, we can see how much she sacrificed for acting. Putting aside beauty and glam, she is able to act as a “weirdo”, which not many people are willing and able to?

Although her comeback was not totally smooth sailing, her hard work and perseverance did pay off after regaining so much popularity these days. Besides being really amazed at how young she looked, I certainly look forward to more of her superb acting.

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A joy to watch

No one can talk about Ann Kok without marveling at how young she looks, how good she looks and how sexy she is. Definitely comparable to the league of younger actresses, even though she’s probably more than a whole decade older than them.

But what earns my respect is that she genuinely goes all out for any role she plays. Despite how good she looks (and she knows it), she has no qualms about taking up auntie roles—something that actresses of her age and caliber might baulk at. Also, her ability to play such a wide range of different roles is a huge bonus in an environment where some are permanently pigeonholed to play office ladies.

Once a huge up and coming star after winning Star Search, her ill-fated venture overseas resulted in her being unfortunately overlooked locally today. For an actress as talented as Ann Kok, it’s a real pity.

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Ought to receive more attention

Ann Kok is definitely one of the most remarkable actresses in the TV industry, and why she fails to receive more recognition and popularity is beyond my understanding.

I was particularly amazed by her performance in Love Concierge in which she played a crazed starlet, and I have never ceased to be wowed by her ever since then. Although she has hit her prime, and can hardly be considered a young actress anymore, Ann Kok definitely has one of the sexiest figures in the industry. With a slim waist and lots of curves at her age, she definitely transcends her physical age, and can probably still pass off as a character in her late 20s.

She is also extremely versatile in her acting. She can act perfectly as a housewife, an evil spirit, and even goes to the extent of caking hideous make up on her face just so as to portray her character in the best way possible, which definitely makes me look up to her as an actress.

This woman definitely needs more attention. It's high time her hard work paid off.

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Amazing actress.

God has clearly spent some time and extra effort on Ann Kok.

Blessed with stunningly good looks, talent in abundance and a devilish figure to boot, Ann Kok can do no wrong in the Singapore's acting scene. Whether playing a crazed figure or a concerned mother, Ann Kok delivers every time. She excels in every role, making her character believable.

Ann Kok also does not mind making herself look bad in the television shows, which is rare and refreshing. No matter how hideous the clothes or make up of the character may be, she doesn't hesitate to play the part and get in character.

She is definitely a born actress.

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Does the lady ever age? Take a look at the face and figure, she's a certified cougar.

Wild fantasies aside, Ann Kok is arguably Singapore's most talented media personality who failed to make it to the big leagues. True, she may be a Mediacorp celebrity and starred in dramas, but she has never really gained the recognition that others have gotten (psst, Fann). I feel that this is a true shame; she has the looks, talents, and humility to really make it big.

But don't be too quick to close the curtain on her career just yet. She's merely 39/40, and still has plenty of time to regain the spotlight. A true gem.

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(Updated: November 18, 2012)

Matured sex kitten

That's what she perfectly embodies, like fine wine over time.

Ann Kok is a god-gifted actress. It takes a lot to play an insane character and yet she pulls them off so easily she could do maths homework with her toes while playing her insanity out from body up. She is notoriously famous for a role where she ripped her blouse apart for a crazed charade and that scene swept Singapore.

Here is a woman who actually can act, who has the figure of a goddess, who looks pretty enough to be a magazine cover, and who doesn't mind going all out for her roles. How Mediacorp chose to skip past all that and put her into auntie roles, I'll never understand.

An amazing chick.

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(Updated: September 28, 2013)


The lady doesn't age. Just check out her instagram pics. I have to come clean and admit that I was stalking her on the net.

Ann Kok's started her acting career through the old-fashioned way. She auditioned in the local talent-search competition Star Search. She's a visual marvel, never fails to bring her character to life.

Our local TV shows tend to have too many one-dimensional characters. They lack conviction. I truly hope that there will be more worthwhile shows. A bad script with a good actress is such a waste of time.

Her most memorable role (pretty sure everyone would agree) is Jiang Ruqing in Love Concierge. How she lost the Best Actress award simply bugs me. That ripping blouse scene? How it portrays Ruqing's struggles and forces you to pay attention? Mind-blowing.

Immensely talented, she deserves to be in a show that tugs at your emotions. To Annchanted Energy(the official fan club of Ann Kok), *cross fingers*, let's hope that 2013 will be a special year for Ann!

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