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Kym Ng better known by her Chinese name (鐘琴 Zhōng Qín) is a popular Singaporean actress and television host. She is known best for her role as a comedic host in the variety show City Beat. In 2011, she won the Best Variety Show award for the third time.


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Entertaining entertainer

I hope I don't sound too superficial with the statement I'm going to make next - Kym Ng does indeed have great body physique and beautifully toned muscles. This is rather impressive considering that she's into her middle age, and metabolism rates for women slows down in the later years.

Okay, now putting these superficial talk aside - Ng has been a variety show host for quite awhile now. I've been watching her entertainment shows since young. I've always recognized her as the funny lady with the funny/unique voice (that sounds somewhat like Elmo).

Her lively hosting style and humour has established her as one of the funniest hosts around in the local entertainment industry, along side with many others such as Mark Lee, Quan Yi Feng, Bryan Wong and many others. When these comedians work together, they often produce many fun laughter with their hilarious jokes and infectious humour.

Plus, whenever I see the bold colours of her hair, it becomes a very visceral experience. It is as though I'm looking at someone else having those beautiful shades of pink, purple, gold and blonde and imagining what I would look like in them.

Though some people might criticize her for being too loud-mouthed, I don't mind her hosting style. And one last thing, I really respect her decision to protect her husband's privacy to the fullest.

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I love Kym Ng. She's hilarious. I'm not going to discuss her acting abilities because she doesn't have many acting roles. However, she's a stalwart of hosting events and variety shows. Kym Ng is an actress who appeals to all generations. I like her, my mum likes her, and my grandparents laugh at her onscreen antics too.

She's a natural born comedian. She never has to try too hard to make a show or sentence funny and it seems as though it's second nature to her. I remember HDB 太太 very well, it was one of her best shows where she skilfully managed to combine humour into recommendations. I think Kym Ng shines brightest where she's paired with someone else. Thinking about her doing a solo act seems dull in my opinion.

Definitely someone to watch if you need a good laugh to brighten an otherwise dull day.

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Change in Roles

Nowadays she seems to be taking up more hosting roles as compared to her past roles where she would be more active as characters in local series.

To be honest, I can't remember the last time I saw her in a local series - it's been awhile.

However, from the last time that I saw her in a local series, she was a funny character - perhaps partly due to her antics which are slightly 'auntie' which shapes her character as one that is friendly and funny at the same time.

In her hosting roles, however, she seems to be transformed into a different person with her impeccable Chinese and her focused gaze at the camera with a good engagement with the co-host.

Seems like she is doing not to badly with her hosting roles as well.

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(Updated: August 10, 2013)


She is so daring and outspoken. She's not my favourite but she definitely has charm and can attract viewers the moment she speaks. She doesn't mind making a fool out of herself in order to appear funny and entertain the audience.

Recently she dyed her hair pink and while I don't think it suits her very well, I like that she is brave and dare to try new things. It makes TV shows look more interesting. I think she should grow her hair long next time.

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I can only say that Kym is a true survivor in the show business. She had been around for so long and she had tried so many different things. From hosting serious program to playing the clown hostess in other programs. She had also done acting.

Her status is a bit vague because with her years in Mediacorp, she should easily be considered an "Ah Jie" but she was not always referred to an "Ah Jie" even though sometimes, she may be called that. Despite her vague status, she still toiled on. For others with a lower EQ or higher ambitions, they may have gotten disheartened and left. She is setting a good example for newcomers.

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Likable actress!

Kym Ng was a revelation on the popular show City Beat. Perhaps Kym is best- known for her direct connection with the audience and her bubbly, light-hearted nature. Though the show has long gone off the air, Kym retains her cheerful personality which indirectly enables her to connect with her audiences.

Her recent show, Love On A Plate, is a favourite and Kym showed an added dimension to her hosting abilities which we'd never seen before. As long as she retains her ablility to translate her personality onto the small screen, I don't see any reason why she cannot continue to build on her success.

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Been there since my childhood!

Kym Ng is an actress that I will never forget in my entire life. She has been keeping me entertained since I was a year old. One of my favourite shows hosted by her was City Beat and HDB tai tai.

What I like about her is her humble attitude, regardless if she is on screen or not. Although she isn't as popular as the other actresses, she strives to do her best in entertaining the majority. She is also very friendly and sincere towards her fans and people who adore her, not interacting with them with a self-righteous attitude, which some actresses (whom I shall not name) fail to do so.

All in all, this is my first review of a celebrity, and I am writing it in honour of Kym Ng, my favourite actress of all time!

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(Updated: November 14, 2013)


This petite tv host and actress initially began her showbiz career as a singer! Known as the hosting queen in Mediacorp, Ms Kym Ng is most often seen on variety shows on Channel 8 and Channel U. She has hosted more than 150 variety shows to date.

Her most iconic role is probably Miss Tan on City Beat. Hilarious and witty, the role was so well received that practically everyone knows her. She also hosted Love On A Plate, which won the Best Variety Programme award. Kym even won her third Best Variety Show Host trophy at the Star Awards 2011.

A versatile entertainer, Ms Kym Ng has also ventured into acting. I remember she used to star in dramas and movies with Taiwanese boy band 5566.

Kym has also taken part in numerous charity shows such as Ren Ci, President Star. Compassionate and talented.

TV viewers can catch her at Jobs around the world 走遍天涯打工乐 and The Sheng Siong Show 缤纷万千在昇菘 on Channel 8.

As mentioned on xinmsn, "A gem to Singapore's entertainment scene, Kym is the staple diet to every household." Why, yes she is.

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