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Haziyah Ali
Listing created by Haziyah Ali on February 24, 2014    

Sylvester Sim was one of the contestents in Singapore Idol's first season. He competed against Taufik Batisah and became the first runner-up. He used to be in a Japan rock band called L'zefier. He was also known as Sly.

Additionally, he was involved in a local drama show; Shooting Stars. He released his first album, Take Flight, in 2005. 

Recently, Sylvester Sim tied the knot with a fellow singer, Sisy Wang.


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Out of the Limelight.

I remember this young chap who was none other than the first runner up in the first Singapore Idol against Taufik Batisah. Although he struck me as someone who was rather introverted, he was charming on stage. By that I mean that his talent on the stage was remarkable - to the extent that I didn't know who to root for during the process of the Singapore Idol progression.

As he and Taufik moved up the ranks of the Singapore Idol contest, I was at a loss as to who I would support. I ended up calling in votes for both of them. Looks wise, however, I think that Taufik beats him with a slight advantage because of his adorable smile. Of course Sylvester is adorable in his own way but just not my style.

Subsequently after Singapore Idol, he was involved in a local drama which I caught and thoroughly enjoyed. It's a pity that now he has become nothing more than a past fade that no longer appears in the local scene. Maybe if some day he were to make a comeback, he can once again be in the limelight.

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