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Hyrul Anuar

Hyrul Anuar

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Haziyah Ali
Listing created by Haziyah Ali on February 23, 2014    

Hyrul Anuar was the victor for Mediacorp Suria's singing and acting competition, 'Anugerah 2005'. He graduated fromm UniSim under Bachelors Of Communication. He also succeeded in attaining the 'Suria's Upcoming Icon' award in 2006. He was nominated in numerous award shows thereafter and was labelled 'Most Popular Artiste' and 'Best New Artiste'.

Additionally, the amount of records he broke in the local Malay radio station, RIA 89.7FM, remains undefeated.

Hyrul Anuar is currently actively involved in activites that involves the community like Best Denki and Anti-Smoking Campaign. 


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