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Haziyah Ali
Listing created by Haziyah Ali on April 25, 2013    

Romeo Tan is a local actor. He was born on April 9 1985. Romeo Tan rocketed to fame after he participated in the 10th season of a televised local competition, Star Search. He emerged fourth. Originally, he appeared onscreen via a cameo appearance in a Channel 5 show, Heartlanders. He garnered experience by cameo-ing in several other shows on both Channel 5 and 8. Romeo Tan landed several lead character roles soon after his Star Search ordeal. The shows in which he was featured in includes 'Joys Of Life' and  'Don't Stop Believing'. He was also nominated under the Best Newcomer Award category for Star Awards 2012. Recently, Romeo Tan was seen filming a blockbuster movie entitled 'It Takes Two'.


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(Updated: January 05, 2015)

There is room for improvement

Who can resist that charming smile, wholesome abs and mesmerizing eyes right? Wow, now I sound like a teenage girl swooning over boys obviously out of their league.

Romeo Tan is a perfect example of the poster boy most advertising companies selling perfumes, shirts or underwears would source for. I've watched some of the shows he has starred in, and as since he is relatively new to the industry, his acting skills are slightly above average than I expected. However, in comparison to those veteran actors, I think there is still room for improvement. He could be more natural on screen, and perhaps I think Mediacorp and the crew should try to be more daring to cast him as a more unusual character that will be more challenging.

To the girls out there who are absolutely infatuated by this hunk here: Learn to differentiate between a good actor and a good-looking person, and don't confuse your infatuation with your judgement of his acting skills.

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Has Potential for more

He has a charming and friendly face on first glance, he has a rather rugged look which is somewhat a manly charm for an actor. However, I have some impression on his acting - he seems to have potential, his abilities enhanced by his manly goodness of his face. He seems adept enough to play roles which involve emotional range and certain scenes where it might be challenging for a new face like his in the acting industry.

I think I've seen him present in one of the recent films that was released on Channel 8 that also involved Rui En as his co-star - his interaction with her although in the beginning slightly stiff, had improved as the episodes went on which went well with the flow of the show.

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Good Potential

I first came to know of Romeo Tan when he was the lead male character in the much talked about Channel 8 drama serial Sudden. Romeo played a lawyer who eventually became wheelchair-bound after an accident that nearly claimed his life. I was throughly impressed with his performance on Sudden and I would never have known that he was a newbie in the acting scene. To me, he really seemed to get into his character and that's what I really appreciated.

I like that Romeo Tan is bilingual and hence he is able to connect to a wider audience range. Apart from acting, he also has some advertising stints which really expanded his influence and reach. He is not arrogant and I feel that he is actually quite humble and has a good personality. Although I'm not a fervent watcher of Mediacorp dramas, I am looking forward to seeing more of his acting on TV and also in magazines and the like.

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Cool name

I have to say the first thing about Romeo that caught my attention was his name, and the fact that his Chinese name was directly translated into 陈罗密欧。And the female fans who founded his fan-club caught on to this, naming his official fan-club The Juliet Club. When watching him on Star Search, I admired his natural charisma, but there was definitely room for improvement in the area of acting.

I was deeply impressed by his performance on Channel 8 show C.L.I.F.F, when he had many difficult scenes to act, including a death scene.

Ever since his debut on Star Search, the popularity of this charming actor has been on the rise, and he is definitely part of the new era of local celebrities.

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