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Haziyah Ali
Listing created by Haziyah Ali on April 02, 2013    

Andie Chen is a prominent heartthrob under Mediacorp. Debuted onscreen as a hooligan in Channel 5's TV show, Heartlanders. He participated in Star Seach 2007 soon after whereby he rocketed to fame. He is now a common face for both Channel 5 and 8. He was most commonly seen as a leading actor in an english show, Fighting Spiders. He is also frequently spotted in Channel 8 dramas like Little Nyonya, C.L.I.F 2 and Break Free.


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If I'm not wrong, Andie Chen is one of the newer faces in the Mediacorp scene. Although I'm not an avid watcher of Mediacorp dramas, I do enjoy watching him in action. He isn't outrightly handsome or good-looking, but his face has a certain quality to it that enables him to play the bad guy really easily. Think his recent role in the much-talked about Sudden. I thoroughly enjoyed his performance on there and he definitely has much potential.

He's no stranger to gossip too. I was quite taken aback at his sudden marriage to Kate Pang, another relatively well-known actress. Kate is pregnant and hence the hasty decision to tie the knot. Can't wait to see how this marriage goes, whether for the good or the bad. Quite a few female friends I know were upset by the marriage, and they were complaining to me that yet another heartthrob has been taken.

Looking forward to seeing more of him in the future!

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