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Haziyah Ali
Listing created by Haziyah Ali on April 02, 2013    

Singapore actor under Mediacorp. He enrolled into Lasalle College Of the Arts to hone his acting skills. He made his famous debut onscreen in a show called 'Fighting Spiders' that was shown on Channel 5. He was the lead actor. Later, he made further appearance as a lead actor in a show called ' Don't Stop Believing'. This is a Mandarin show shown on Channel 8. He, once again, clinched one of the leading actor role in this show. He was even featured as a lead in a movie, 'Imperfect'. This movie was shown nationwide. 


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(Updated: April 02, 2013)

Acting has been improving over time.

On the outside, Edwin Goh might appear to some as possibly a gangster, but he is actually a pretty friendly dude. I have known Edwin since young, and his passion for acting really took me by surprise when he first cast in my secondary school's own musical production. Following that, he went on to act in Fighting Spiders, the show that earned him his fame and opened more doors for him to pursue this career.

Initially, I thought that his acting was decent, but not outstanding. However, he was able to get more exposure when he started appearing in more Chinese dramas, including the talked about "Don't Stop Believing" where he and the rest of the young cast created the group known as "We Can Survive", which even has its own Facebook page created by fans. He also got the chance to star alongside famous experienced actors like Li Nan Xing.

I must say that as he appeared in more shows, his acting just seemed to get better and more natural. While there is still more room for improvement, I am sure can and will go far in his career.

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