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Haziyah Ali
Listing created by Haziyah Ali on February 28, 2013    

Bobby Tonelli is the actor who shot to fame when he appeared in the famous local show on channel 5, Fighting Spiders. His character in the show was the cop. He was also a common topic of discussion on Facebook and Twitter when his relationship with Joanne Peh was revealed.Based in Singapore, he was originally a US actor who was featured in several Hollywood movies. Recently spotted participating in the television game show, Sasuke Singapore. He is currently engaged in co-hosting 98.7FMs radio channel alongside fellow DJ, Rosalyn Lee. 


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Charismatic and Friendly

He seemed to have shot to fame recently - while I had not heard of him before, it seems that ever since he became a Radio DJ in 98.7 FM, most of my friends starting gushing over how good looking he was.

In the media industry, he seems to be yet another pretty face that mediacorp has managed to pick up. However, to debunk that myth, having seen him onstage for a live hosting performance made me realise that he is more than just a pretty face - he gives off an adventurous and outgoing vibe that entices the audience to participate, a nice smile that is warm and friendly, as well as jokes to warm up the crowd.

With his sense of humour and charisma, he's a real local talent.

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Love Him

I find Bobby Tonelli to be one of the most well-dressed and well-groomed public faces in Singapore. He has a superb and exceptional sense of style and great charisma as well, which shows in his radio DJ show on 987fm along with fellow DJ Rozz. His relationship with Joanne Peh was also a hot topic for some time and I was quite disappointed when they broke up!

Bobby Tonelli is also a self-professed tech junkie who loves exploring new gadgets and the like. He regularly posts reviews and photos of his latest tech gadgets on his Instagram account and offers good comments about his reviewed product.

Although Bobby Tonelli is charming, I always feel that he isn't the most genuine person around. Like I get this air of fakeness about him at times which I just cannot rid myself of. I don't know him personally, so I can't really say for sure but I do hope that it is just a wrong opinion on my part because he would be a great guy if his on-screen personality is exactly what his off-screen personality looks like.

You can tune on to Bobby's radio show on 987fm, the Rude Awakening, on weekday mornings 6-10am.

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Bobby Tonelli was a towering figure. Literally. I was heading towards Paragon when he jaywalked across the street towards Knightsbridge. The looming figure took me by surprise. It casted a shadow over my car and he strode away with an air of confidence. It took me several seconds later to be dawning with recognition over who he was.

He was lugging an MCM bag. MCM bags are worth loads of cash. He must be fruitfully successful. He seemed amiable though I can't seem to shrug off the vibe that the smiles he plastered on his face wasn't a genuine one and that he may actually be a cocky being. Maybe.

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