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Haziyah Ali
Listing created by Haziyah Ali on February 28, 2013    

George Young is not only an actor, he can host and write too. Born on 29 February 1980. He is an Eurasian that is partially Chinese and half Greek. Kickstarted his career originally in England where he appeared in a BBC Casualty Tv Series and even featured in a Bollywood film. His first appearance on a Singapore programme was " Million Dollar Money Drop", which turned out to be a hit that buzzed social networking sites. He featured in The Pupil's second series soon after. Later, after spending a short span of time educating himself Chinese language, he was seen acting in two Chinese dramas; Joys Of Life and Yours Fatefully.


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A few of my friends are crazy over him - perhaps the fan girling stems from his great looks and his amazing features but maybe there is something more than his looks?

In my opinion, while George Young has rocketed to fame, he has joined the media industry that is saturated with other talents with good looks. What sets him apart? While other actors or actresses may seem to be rather toned down about their life, George makes an effort to connect with his fans - if I remember correctly, he took a picture with my friend which made her very happy.

While I don't really follow him on his appearances, I have a rather good impression on him based on the good gossip I've heard from my friends. I hope it remains the same.

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Why. So. Hot

I was tempted to score George Young a 5 for everything. He is dashing, has great charisma, and I haven't heard anyone speak ill of him yet. To be honest, I didn't know who he was until quite recently after I saw a tweet about him from someone I follow on Twitter. Checked him out and was immediately attracted to his boyish good looks. He does quite a fair bit of hosting and also acts. Some of you may find him familiar because he did act in popular Channel 5 legal drama The Pupil.

I like that he is active on Instagram and he posts pictures of his daily life happenings quite often. His pictures are usually wacky or witty and it really does create a feeling of intimacy and makes it more personal. One of my favourite on-screen personalities and I hope I get to see him more often! I'm sure a lot of girls will agree with me.

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