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Laura Chan
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Mark Lee Kok Huang (Chinese: 李国煌; pinyin: Lǐ Guóhuáng) is a Singaporean Chinese comedian, actor, television host and film director. A veteran MediaCorp artiste, he made his big break in television in 1998 and has gone on to star in and host many local award-winning TV serials and shows.


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Still acting

Today, Mark Lee is famous in the Singapore acting scene with his long term stay in the acting industry. From the olden days till present time, Mark Lee is still acting in Local Sitcoms and films. Well-known for his hilarious, witty, and charming personality, he remains a famed local comedian.

The first time I saw him acting, I was immediately captured by his quick thinking - he was a show host and he was able to crack jokes that were seemingly impromptu. The best part? He seemed totally relaxed cracking those jokes. His charismatic interjections of wit also makes the audience go wild - they laugh heartily at his jokes that are relevant and down to earth. Even in the roles that he plays in local productions, he is always given the role of a joker which matches the image and name he has made for himself.

Though he isn't striking appearance wise, his abilities more than well make up for it.

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I think I have seen Mark Lee on Mediacorp for as far back as my memory can go. Mark Lee is a veteran in Mediacorp and has appeared in numerous serials, variety shows and hosted multiple events as well. I like that he is a very versatile man, as shown by the myriads of things that he can do. Mark Lee is probably most well known for being a comedian. Although he is not the handsomest or most charming man around, he is hilarious and down-to-earth.

One more thing that Mark Lee can add to his shining resume is that he has a wicked mind for business as well. Malaysia's popular Old Town White Coffee chain was brought over to the shores of Singapore by Mark Lee himself. And even though the profits have been rolling in, Mark Lee is still not swept away by his riches. I read that he pays for his own meals at Old Town even though he is the co-founder!

Mark Lee is definitely one of Singapore's most well-loved and respected actors. He may not feature in as many drama serials now, but where Mark Lee goes, Singaporeans will follow and I am no different. Love him and his funnyman antics!

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Actor turned comedian

Ask any Singaporean, and they would most probably know the name Mark Lee. Best known for his numerous roles in Jack Neo films, it was not his looks that rocketed him to fame, but his comedic acting paired together with his open personality. When I say "open", his words often lie in two extremes. Sometimes his honest remarks are hilarious to watch, but other times they are much too frank, bringing a sense of discomfort.

Nevertheless, I have noticed that any film starring Mark Lee has done well, especially my personal favourite: Money No Enough and its sequel. His experience makes him an asset to have in the entertainment industry.

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Growing in confidence

I always thought there was only a very fine line between confidence and arrogance. For Mark Lee, he was almost crossing the line. When he first started, he was still comfortable to be under the shadows of Jack Neo.

Over the years, he seemed to have overtaken Jack Neo and his confidence was growing. With the Jack Neo adultery scandal, Jack Neo was completely off the screen and he took this chance to capitalise on his screen time.

As he got more screen time, he became more confident and sometimes I felt that I caught some glimpses of arrogance from the way he talked and the way he acted. I also remembered in the first few Star Awards, he was still sharing his accomplishments with Jack Neo and thanking Jack Neo for giving him the opportunity. That was the Mark Lee I liked, the current Mark Lee is starting to turn me off.

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No longer just a “Neo-family group” actor

I remember him since the liang popo era and the many comedies he is in with Jack Neo’s production. As what people say, without good looks you got to put in more effort? Without the looks, it’s harder to become an idol and most of the times these entertainers are stuck at the comedian path. Thus, even though I do not particularly like some of his styles, but from a comedian to a host and actor, I think he must have really put in a lot of hard work to get to where he is today.

Like many other, I think that it would be rather hurtful to guests who had being “suan” (insulted)by him, even if it was for entertainment effect. But aside from that, he seems rather nice. I remember liking one of the variety shows (Guo Ji Jiao Yi Shuo) that he hosted as he seems to be like a family to the others.

Nevertheless, I think he has really moved on and is no longer just a Liang Jia Ban actor.

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Very trying

This is one TV personnel whom I cannot agree with especially when he goes on those variety shows engaging the public. Yes, no doubt he can be quite good at hosting shows but he just seems overly trying. Some of the remarks he make at the contestants from the public are like so insulting and humiliating. I watched the variety show he hosted with Brian Wong and gosh, can he get anymore irritating? He's like seeking jokes at the expense of the participants. I'll never want to enter myself into any variety show he hosts to steer clear of unnecessary humiliation.

I used to see him around my estate and over the years as he gained a little popularity, an aura of arrogance seemed to take an interest in him as well. Keep it down, won't ya?

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Not so handsome but more likeable

Alright, we can all tell he does not look the part of an attractive hunk or whatsoever, but that does not make him any much lousier than other artistes. While he does carry that ah beng type of aura, he can also play his roles well such that he can morph from a typical ah beng to a sissy as seen in one of Jack Neo's movies that he starred in, which shows his great ability in acting.

He does very well as a comedian, and I feel that the way he hosts variety shows is really good, in which he makes it interesting, but yet at the same time staying in topic and not losing grasp of anything that is meant to be more serious. He has his own charisma which makes him likeable despite his looks, and I hope to see more of his shows in future.

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Lao Ah Beng

This one actor has been out and about for a long while in the entertainment industry. Famous for his roles in Jack Neo's productions and also his various hosting personalities on channel 8, he is lovable both on and off screen. Perhaps he isn't exactly the most good looking actor out there but he is definitely one of the better and more sincere ones in the field with the exceptional talent and hardworking spirit.

Usually taking on characters with a rougher-edge, this 'lao ah beng' does have his charms around the characters. He always has his way of making the characters look and feel so real. On top of that, he is a great host that is both engaging and humorous with just the right blend.

Recently I watched one of his shows where he was a host in some house-makeover program and this ah beng has even got some taste and style, carrying around his little tote bag!

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The regular face for local television!

If Mediacorp is in a dilemma on how or what their official logo should look like, they should use Mark Lee's face. Mark Lee is like the mascot of local shows, be it Channel 5 in English or Channel 8 in Chinese language. He seemed to be conquering the local programmes at a force as fiery as the blazing dragon of prosperity!

I recalled being ceaselessly tickled by his show, Police and Thief. He portrayed himself as an ex Ah-Beng who renovated his very being into an ordinary family man. The show dripped with hilariousness that was successfully transmitted thanks to the lead actors exceptional acting skills, Suhaimi and Mark Lee.

His shows on Channel Eight is certainly on par with the shows he did for Channel 5. Maybe even better. There was a show in which he had to compete against another local celebrity to refurbish and redesign certain sectors in a house. The houses aren't simply those boxed up fake setting house. In fact, they are authentic houses requested by the owners themselves. I was supremely impressed by Mark Lee's taste in home decors. It was originally out of the box! Sometimes literally.

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