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Making his acting debut in Jack Neo's movie Ah Boys to Men, Noah Yap started off as a Youtuber. He has a large following on YouTube where he vlogs about local issues and teenage angst.


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Blooming Actor

I first saw him across the silver screen via a show called, Ah Boys to Men. He wasn’t a heartthrob unlike his costar, Joshua. Despite his image, he seemed to reap up the same amount of success as Joshua. I think it’s due to his charisma exuded both on and off screen. He exuded a charming vibe that probably struck a note of familiarity amongst the viewers.

Personally, I find that charm familiar too. He has the personality that is commonly found in local classrooms. The boy next door appeal. His acting skills are commendable too. His acting is rather natural. Not robotic at all for a rookie actor. I thought he was a veteran in the industry when I first saw him acting in that movie. I was impressed when I discovered that Ah Boys to Men was his debut movie. He didn’t act like a stereotyped rookie at all! Mediacorp should totally scout him. Who wouldn’t want more natural actors like that acting across the local channels onscreen!

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The Shoot to Fame

My first experience with Noah Yap came from YouTube. He was a successful YouTuber then and could boast of a loyal following. His videos were known for their slapstick humour, and it was a simple pleasure to watch them. He didn't do YouTube for a living, but purely for the fun of it.

His big break them came: Ah Boys to Men. I'm undecided as to whether it was a good or bad thing. I'm happy that he managed to get famous and nationwide recognition. But also, I'm disappointed that his YouTube channel has been abandoned. He really had something going on there, and it's sad that he has just let it go like that.

His film success shows no sign of stopping. His next movie The Lion Men is due for release soon. Nonetheless, I just hope he does not morph into a pompous jerk who does not care about his loyal fans and followers. That's what's most important in being famous: to remember the ones who were there even when you were unknown.

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Funny guy

Another one of the minions of the famous local movie that was recently released, Ah Boys to Men, Noah has seen a large following on his youtube channel before his debut in the movie. While he was unknown to me before his place in the movie, he sure wasn't after I watched him in the show. I heard from my friend that he was a famous local youtubber and decided to find out his channel and check out the videos that he does.

While he is funny and hilarious to some extent, the jokes that he cracks are not really to my style - but I have to admit that he is indeed quick on his feet with his witty comebacks, especially in one specific episode where he tries to be funny with regards to stupid questions on

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Funny guy

I found Noah Yap's acting in Ah Boys to Men excellent, especially since he is relatively new in the acting scene. His acting was really natural and although he played a minor role in the movie, it made the whole movie more enjoyable to watch!

As for his Youtube videos, I find him quite entertaining although his videos can get a little lengthy and mundane after the first few minutes. However, his ideas are good - with a little more experience, I'm sure he'll be able to make it big as a Youtube comedian. I also think he might need an equipment or software upgrade if he wants to boost his popularity. In other words - don't use iMovie! Us Mac users can tell!

Overall, I find Noah Yap's personality very quirky and funny. I've met him once in real life and he seems like the kind who smiles and jokes a lot. I think he has the potential to become the next big star in Singapore!

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improvement needed to become the main star

Noah Yap's character in Ah Boys to Men was enjoyable to watch, and who could ever forget his hair flip. As a relatively new actor to the movie scene, his acting was good and provided much comedy entertainment throughout the movie. I was constantly waiting for some hilarious remark from his character in the show.

However, he does need to improve a lot more as he does not exactly have the main star quality yet. I can only see him playing small, supporting roles, but you do start off small whilst dreaming big in the acting business. Noah Yap has a possible acting career ahead of him. (:

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Not quite up to the mark yet.

Like his fellow cast members, Noah Yap impressed me with his acting in Ah Boys to Men. Seeing a newbie acting look natural is quite uncommon. Of course, his time as a youtuber probably helped.

After checking out his YouTube videos though, I find them quite lacking especially when compared to Tosh's. His videos lack the energy to keep you watching. I found myself skipping forward in hopes of finding some portion when he would not be droning on and on and on without looking into the camera. Some parts, his voice is too low and it would be difficult to hear what he is saying.

While he may lack the x-factor to be the main star, I think his acting in Ah Boys to Men can earn him some roles in upcoming films and dramas. If he plays his cards right, he can mature into a star in his own right.

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