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A supporting actor in the hit movie, Ah Boys to Men, Wang Wei Liang became a surprise star in the movie. He has a background as a getai singer and is the nephew and protege of veteren getai singer Wang Lei.


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Natural Beng?

He's not the best-looking guy around in the cinematic industry, let's be real (and superficial) here. But he has clinched one of the lead roles in both the films 'Ah Boys to Men' and 'The Lion Men'.

Well, I think we must credit him for that inexplicable charm he carries in the roles he play. Often, he does not play polished characters but rather, the down-to-earth 'Ah Beng'. And I think that suits him perfectly, because I get the feeling that that IS the real him off-screen, which is probably the reason why he carries out these roles so well.

His fluency in the Hokkien dialect has not only impressed me, but also helped him play out his role as Lobang King in ABTM really well. It is indeed hard to find people from the younger generation that can speak so eloquently in dialects today, and I think that's one thing that makes him really outstanding as well.

I've heard his songs, and well, he's not an EXTREMELY impressive singer but his singing is not too bad. I'd still prefer him in the filming industry though.

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Tough, Gung Ho guy

Yet another new face that has been filling the media with the Ah Boys to men advertisements and songs, Wei Liang seems to have stepped into the limelight and been discovered in the recent local film Ah Boys to Men. Starring alongside other new local actors, his character is the one that has the bulk of the hilarious lines in both parts of the movie - not forgetting that he got into some serious fights, putting him into deep shit (maybe even literally).

With his name "lobang" from his self-introduction in the first part of the movie, he plays on his nickname and seems to be the one who provides the batteries - maybe even a symbolism of his ideas that he provides later. Although his slightly disagreeable face may seem to put people off at first but it is this exact face that plays the role of "Lobang" perfectly, portraying a tough, "gung-ho" type of guy who isn't afraid of anything - not even army.

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Good lobang

I had watched the show "Ah boys to men" three times with my children. And after each viewing, I would ask my children who was the more memorable character in the show. My children would always say "Lobang". May be his name was more memorable and may be his lines were more funny.

His most funny line was when Ip Man was going to cut his hair and making the hair flipping action. He said, "Lang Sai (lion dance)" . The way he said it and the way the whole sequence played out, it was totally hilarious and every time I re-watched the show, I would prepare myself to laugh at this scene.

There was also a scene where Lobang was waiting to report sick, the way he looked was really like some of the faces I had seen in medical centre. His acting was so real and natural that it was difficult to believe he was a newcomer.

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Never would I thought that the 'helmet-head' star would leave such a lasting impression after the movie. After watching the first of two movies, I really enjoyed the way he portrayed the character, and it was a pretty believable act for a new comer. Though the lead role spotlight wasn't his, he played a sufficiently remarakable role as the supporting actor, adding much colour and humour to the movie.

Apart from his performance in the movie, I went to check out his past getai performances and I was rather impressed. After shooting to instant stardom from the movie, I would expect more crowd and supporters for his getai performances and possibly even more acts from this young star. It is pretty unexpected hearing such a clear solid singing voice from this "lobang" as who would ever expect him to be such a singing sensation behind the hokkien-peng front.

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Ah Boy to Star

Wei Liang played his character of Lobang with surprising panache and conviction to become one of the stars of the movie for me. His looks also complement his role as an enterprising, resourceful Ah Beng. One can easily picture him in Sim Lim Square selling computers and talking circles around hapless customers. Of course, his looks might also limit his acting career to Ah Bengs, gangsters, and villains.

Despite that, it is encouraging to see that Singapore is not bereft of young entertainment talents. Hopefully, talents like Wei Liang will have opportunity to mature instead of being drowned in Singapore's money making and education paper driven culture.

Too bad that the movie did not explore abit of Lobang's background and grow him as a character. It would have been interesting to see how Wei Liang handles a meatier role.

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hilarious, enjoyed his acting

I enjoyed Wang Wei Liang's acting in Jack Neo's show, Ah Boys to Men, where he played the character Lobang. He portrayed his character really well, and added to the comical aspect of the show. His various plans and his eventual 'turning over a new leaf' in the movie brought much tears and laughter for me.

I think it is good how Jack Neo discovers local talent and brings them into the limelight. From the old movie of I Not Stupid starring Shawn Lee and Joshua Ang, the cast of Ah Boys to Men have definitely found themselves on the rise to fame with such stellar acting and melodramatics. NS life has just gotten a lot more hilarious, and yet the camaraderie forged is still apparent with their good acting.

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