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Ben Yeo was a former model who won the Snap talent show, marking his entry into showbiz. He made the Top 10 Most Popular Male Artistes for the first time in at the 2012 Star Awards.


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Up-beat and fun style

His chiseled good looks and cheeky grin sure won the hearts of the audience (as proven with his Star Awards achievement as the Top 10 Favourite Male Artistes).

Personally, Ben Yeo often appeared to me as a host more suitable for light-hearted and fun variety shows that serious, heart-warming or reflective ones. It is not just his youthful face that makes it seem so, but also his style of hosting. He often injects humour into the show by making random quirky jokes.

He has definitely grown in experience - from the amateur host, he has morphed into one that has hosted a range of variety shows - both locally and internationally, with greater awareness, engagement and sensitivity.

It is even harder to believe he has already become a father of two!

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Impressive Rate Of Adaptability

Ben Yeo has a boy next door appeal that seems to strike the like-able chord amongst viewers both young and old. I recalled watching him host a Mandarin program. He was previously a model, hence I’d thought he’d struggle to adapt to the hosting sector. Apparently, adaptability was his forte. He didn’t seem uncomfortable onscreen at all. He didn’t even have any form of verbal dhirreor. Some rookies may undergo mind blocks the moment the camera is switched on. The same can’t be said for Ben Yeo. He emerged more fluent than ever when the cameras were flicked on. He seemed like a veteran In that industry judging by the way he handled the hosting sector. I was rather impressed.

Apart from hosting shows, I recalled seeing him in another Mandarin show. This time, he was involved as an actor. Once again, he flaunted his forte; adaptability. Albeit not being the lead actor in the show, Ben Yeo managed to capture the attention of many via his naturalistic acting abilities. Ben Yeo has certainly emerged as a victorious underdog in Singapore’s entertainment industry.

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The Shy Kind

While he is yet another actor that I remember in my early days of watching Mediacorp, I don't remember watching him act in any shows recently - it seems that he may have shifted to hosting shows recently.

Despite that, the impression that I had of him of one of a rather shy kind. It's a little ironic, but even though he has to be outgoing to be an actor, the way that he portrays himself is one that seems to be more passive compared to the other actors or actresses that he's acting with.

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Cute character

My wife liked Ben, I was not jealous. Ben is really a very cute guy. I would think he is one of the more successful newcomer host but he still has the boy next door persona. He always appeared as this humble and cheerful guy with absolutely no concern to his success.

He will serve as a good learning example for young people especially those that start to taste their first success. A person should still remain humble no matter how much success he has achieved. This is the simplest and hardest form of humility. With humility, your success will continue. His self content also gave him his cheerful attitude. Be humble and contented like Ben, success will come to you.

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