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Listing created by June on December 27, 2012    

Zhang finished first runner-up in the Malaysian edition of talent-search contest Star Search in 2001, marking the start of his career. He only got his first lead role after 7 years but towards the end of his time at mediacorp he received a peak in popularity winning the top 10 artists multiple times. Still, Zhang decided to leave MediaCorp in mid-2012 after choosing not to renew his contract.


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Potential Talent

The first time I saw him I was taken by his amiable looks. While he might not be the typical handsome kind of star, he has a unique look that makes people remember his face. Although his name is not as memorable, I would know that face anywhere.

Most of the shows that I've seen him act for, his acting is really not too bad. I wouldn't say that his acting is fantastic, but maybe above average. While he has the ability to control his emotions that show on his face somewhat, his acting is usually a little rigid since the role that he gets are usually the more passive characters - possibly to suit his looks.

Perhaps if he gets the chance to showcase his talents, he might be able to wow many.

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Zhang Yao Dong is one of the most under rated TV stars in Mediacorp. Although not as much a looker as Dai Yang Tian, Zhang Yao Dong is undeniably attractive - I mean, any onscreen actor that could charm 12 year old me must have held some semblance of attractiveness, and why this dude has yet to meet his very own fan club simply escapes me.

In terms of acting, he definitely has better acting skills than other actors like Elvin Ng. His acting is comparable to that of veterans like Qi Yu Wu, and to this date I have no clue why my mother adores Qi Yu Wu so much yet turn a completely blind eye against Zhang Yao Dong.

Zhang Yao Dong is versatile in his acting. He's done hero roles, good guy roles, nerdy roles, a few roles as a smirking bad guy and even appeared in his bright orange (or was it red) underwear on television once, but he has yet to redeem the fame and recognition that many of his colleagues in the industry have attained.

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