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Prior to becoming an Actor, Dasmond was a full-time deejay with Y.E.S. 93.3FM where he was voted Friday Weekly Singapore's "Most Popular DJ" five years in a row. He was voted the "Top 10 Most Popular Male Artistes" for the sixth time at the Star Awards in 2012. He blogs in Chinese at


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He is probably one of the DJs which have been around in the media industry for longest time. And what's the best part? Ain't nobody is sick of him yet!

Koh's presents himself refreshingly, hosting both major scale and light-hearted television programmes, with his fluency in both Mandarin and English. (Though we definitely see lesser of him speaking/hosting English programmes) He has grown to become a veteran host, on par with his other more experience colleagues, and often complementing them in their hosting styles as well.

In addition, his handsome face has also allowed him to win many favours from the ladies in the audience who are charmed by his wit and demeanor. His cheeky grin and infectious laughter did help him create a very likeable TV personality. I do definitely hope to continuing seeing him on screen.

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There’s something about Singaporeans with the names Dasmond or Desmond when it comes to the entertainment industry. They exude the warmth of a boy next door appeal. They, too, seemed to emanate a radiant amiable aura. These names are rarely implicated to controversies or rumours. They also seemed to be those people who thrive in the hosting sector.

I saw Dasmond Koh hosting a program which I believe was shown on Channel 8. He articulated confidently. He didn’t seem robotic. He provided the show with the natural element thanks to his far from robotic hosting skills. It didn’t seem scripted either. Dasmond Koh should totally host a local English television program too. The current hosts available for Channel 5 shows seemed to be recycled hosts that could get mundane at times after watching them for hours.

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Good Host

The impression I have is one of a funny and friendly guy. While I only managed to see him act in one or two dramas, he is mostly present in hosting shows. Even up till today, I still see him host some shows. However, between acting and hosting, I think he is more suited for hosting because of his great voice that suits hosting.

While he may be able to act, I feel that his hosting is much better because of the interaction that he has with his co-host. Most of the time when I see him hosting, he manages to complement his co-host and accomodates to them, making the programme a smooth one.

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(Updated: July 16, 2013)

Not the handsome kind

A quick-witted guy with quirky sense of humor at times. I have always enjoyed watching him and his trademark smile is definitely a bonus. He was also being voted as the most popular deejay for YES 933 five times in a row.

Since he crossed over to hosting, he has hosted a variety of programmes ranging from travelogues to variety shows and major “live” events such as the Chingay Parade, Star Awards and SuperBand. An awesome guy with a fun-loving personality. Hope to see him more on television.

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