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Averlynn Lim
Listing created by Averlynn Lim on December 06, 2012    

A previous flight attendant with Singapore Airlines. he joined Mediacorp after. He has been acting since 1991 to present. 


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Impressive Antagonist

I was originally irked by Rayson Tan’s characters onscreen. His characters on local Mandarin drama shows were always ones that spurred annoyance amongst fellow viewers. However, I realized that his acting must be superb for it to evoke such annoyance towards his characters portrayed onscreen.

He didn’t thrive in the physical appeal sector. Frankly, it did came across my mind as to how his face resembled or is similar to that of a roti prata. Fortunately, his realistic acting skills eroded all forms of criticisms.

If I was a director and I had to make a selection as to who will make a promising antagonist in my show, I’d pick Rayson Tan. His acting skills radiates the most whenever he landed on a role onscreen as an antagonist. There seemed to be neither stiffness nor robotic flaws when it comes to Rayson Tan. Truly remarkable.

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Charming Face Potential

He has a familiar face - somehow, reading the description that he was a flight steward before gives me the immediate image of him in the steward uniform.

Even then, he seems smartly dressed.

Other than being smartly-dressed, I do remember him being smartly amazing in shows - in terms of both on-screen charisma and acting skills. His face, although charming when he smiles, has the capability to be intensely emotional at times. I remember his appearance once when he was acting - the close-up shot featuring his face revealed a certain level of realistic emotional portrayal that was really engraved into my memory. I can even see it in my mind now.

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