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Averlynn Lim
Listing created by Averlynn Lim on December 06, 2012    

A singaporean actor and singer, not only can he sing, he also can dance, act and model. He has since left Mediacorp to focus on his music career.


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A strong passion for a not-so-strong talent.

Nat's voice is very limited in range, but that really isn't the root of the problem for this career path of his. Taylor Swift has a limited vocal range herself, but what differentiates her from Nat is their music and musical style. Taylor knows how to write meaningful and relatable lyrics with good melodious tunes. Nat's 'Unleashed' seems to want to put in unneeded bombastic words into an almost monotonous tune and sometimes it just doesn't go. I always feel peeved when I hear the line "Tear away your chains / Party like Armageddon". But the part of the song that really bugs me is the ending when he tries to pull off high notes in his ad libs ("It's time to party!") and he sounds so strained and nasally.

I can guess that he is pretty much trying to pull off the K-pop feel, but there is something about him that is missing in comparison to K-pop artistes. I just don't think that will allow him to be taken seriously by the local audience... At the end of the day, I am sure that many know that Nat's acting beats his singing by tenfold.

It's great that Nat Ho decided to change his career path to something he loves, which is music. I just don't think that he should've completely left his acting career for it, just in case the worst is to happen for the current path he is on.

Time to party? No Nat, don't think so... Sorry.

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(Updated: April 02, 2013)

Desirable dimples

True, his singing skills are somewhat mediocre. However, his dancing was dripping with gusto. Not everyone can do that. Pumping hands I. The air has a different feel individually. Women tends to pump their fists gently in the air like it was fragile glass. Men, on the other hand, aims to shatter those invisible glass of fragility suspended on air. Hence, that is definitely Nat Ho.

He also has a pair of delicious dimples. My eyes were instantly magnetized onto my TV set whenever he appeared on screen. He contained some alluring charm that fluttered our hearts simply by flashing his pearly whites and accentuating his deep grooved dimples. His photo shoots breeched nowhere near the horrid either. He conveyed emotions via his eyes and poise like any other top model. Applause!

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Jack of all trades, master of none.

Nat Ho is one of the great examples that rejection doesn't equate to the end of the world - Rejected early in Singapore Idol, his good looks were his saving grace as he signed on with Mediacorp to further his entertainment career.

What happens after that, however, is another story. Perhaps because he always wanted to be more of a singer than an actor, his acting remains average at best even after many years and with much efforts by Mediacorp to promote him. In fact his acting is so forgettable, I cannot remember any of the roles that he has played in dramas.

And when one thinks about Nat Ho, one cannot simply forget about the saga that ensued with the release of his MV. I only managed to remember what the name of the song was after reading previous reviews below, which only serves to show how forgettable the song was. I remember the MV much more clearly though, because of the white hair, the MV which looks like it costs quite a lot to make, and Xiaxue which (unfortunately or otherwise, depending on what you think about the music video) stole quite a bit of the spotlight. It was really depressing to see people bashing on him, despite his many endorsements by fellow entertainers on his fervent passion and great attitude, and I sympathize - but nothing more. This sympathy allows me to admire him as a person, but it alone isn't enough for me to recognize him as an entertainer, as he has failed to shine through.

Sorry Nat, you're out.

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I used to think that he was good looking...

Then he left Mediacorp and went ahead to get a Korean makeover, and I was sufficiently repelled.

I'd thought that he was doing a relatively good job at Mediacorp. Though his roles weren't exactly the memorable sort, nor was his acting, at least he seemed like he was good enough to constantly get roles in drama serials, and of course, he was quite a good looking chap.

Now, he is no longer Nat Ho the actor, but Nat Ho the actor cum SINGER. And I have to say, I absolutely abhorred his music video, Unleashed. I suppose his attempt to release a self-produced pop song is commendable, but I'd thought that the piece of music was rather hard on the ears, and that it was quite a waste of his money, because the whole song reeked of excess autotune. His dyed hair doesn't really impress me either, and I frankly think that he looked much better with dark hair.

A good looking actor, who really needs to drop the singing act, and return to what he's been doing all these while.

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Poor vocals

Aint a fan of Nat Ho. Period.

Nat ho is a Singaporean Actor cum Singer but somehow his chinese language seems to be really lousy as i had a difficult time seeing his roles on television as he tries to pronounce the chinese words with an english slang. Moreover, his acting skills were really amateur. Glad he decided to leave mediacorp to puruse his music career

Recently, Nat Ho released a music album- Unleashed song. Well, it showed a different side of him, however the songs were not really catchy and nice, unfortunately. It was pretty cool that he got popular blogger xiaxue to appear in his MV though. Worst, when he sang at the recent channel 8 anniversary awards, i almost cringed as he sang a chinese song. His vocals is still a nay for me

On the positive note, at least he is hot.

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Hot stuff!

I saw him on TV for quite a few times on both channel 8 and channel 5. From his diction, I can tell that he is English educated. Even though he doesn't really speak mandarin well, he speaks english with excellent fluency and vocabulary.

I recently found out that he has left acting to put more time and effort into his hobby, singing. I didn't know he could sing actually! I was plaesantly surprised. His song has just debuted, "Unleashed" and i must say it is a rather good job for a self funded MV.
Not only did he sing the song, he wrote it too, and the lyrics were very meaningful.

Here's to him coming up with more good songs!

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