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Averlynn Lim
Listing created by Averlynn Lim on December 06, 2012    

Born 16 September 1971, he is a malaysian based actor working in Singapore, he only made his breakthrough after starring in "Wok Of life". Since then, he has been consistently starring in various dramas.


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Great Actor, memorable face

This guy I remember.

His facial features are so asianly unique that it is almost difficult to forget his face and not recognise that he is a mediacorp star. Even though he doesn't have the typical looks go for for, he leaves an impression. The impression of someone bad.

He's always acting as a gangster or a wandering bad guy.

Even then, he never fails to make me laugh though. His stern expression - when he is in a confrontation - leaves me laughing at his all too intense look since it usually dissapates when he turns on his heels to run away from a heroic character. A really good actor in terms of playing his part well (usually a comedic role) and using his looks to his advantage - since no one would expect him to run away with that fierce look of his.

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