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Averlynn Lim
Listing created by Averlynn Lim on December 05, 2012    

A young actor signed with Noontalk Media, he had recently rejoined acting and has since taking up a few roles as a rebellious teenager.


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Room for improvement

I saw him in a show on Channel 8 called C.L.I.F 2. He was acting as a rebellious son who turned into a new leaf. Frankly, his attitude evolution in the show was rather cheesy. Especially when he vowed to be never be a disappointment in prison. His face was too lit up in a queer manner. However, it was impressive as to how he consented shaving his hair all of for the shows storyline. His mother was the actress who married the lead actor in the later seasons at local legendary show, Growing Up.

I recalled marvelling at his towering height. He was slightly lanky. His acting was ok, period. He recited his script rather mechanically though. Mandarin is a foreign language to me. However, I detected his robotic mannerisms whenever he appeared onscreen reciting the lines. Yes, it sounded fluent. Unfortunately, he seemed to be lacking in the facial expressions department. His facial expressions did not flow in a natural manner. It didn't dip into any form of authenticity. It felt staged. It seemed like a man was standing nearby, holding up cue cards that say " Act shock", " Act confused" and he will twist and turn his expressions upon reading them. He did shed tears amazingly well. It cascaded down his cheeks as natural as it can be. Didn't seem like any eye-mo drops or onion slice were doused into his eyes at all.

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(Updated: January 19, 2013)


When I first saw him, I thought he was Shawn Lee, actor for Jack Neo's I not stupid. The resemblance between the both of them is uncanny. However, after scrutinizing their personalities, I personally prefer Aloysius. He portrays a more 'cheerful' character as compared to Shawn Lee. He has nice skin and good features, making any female teen fall in love with him within a few seconds. His charisma will be the reason to his future successes.

His pairing with Kimberley Chia in a movie last year was great. They really suit each other in terms of personality and appearance. Hope to see more of his works in future!

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