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Averlynn Lim
Listing created by Averlynn Lim on December 05, 2012    

Married to Hong Hui Fang and a proud father of 2 children, this hunk has been contracted to Mediacorp since 1987 and has since won 9 awards. He is popular for his lean and toned physique, sporting his 6 pac abs, he also takes part in shoots. 


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Injects Personality

Although his name isn't a household name, his face is one that many remember. Other than acting in shows, he is known for his presence in advertisements and photographs. Acting wise, he seems to be a versatile actor that can carry out different roles - seeing him as a desperate father, a coffee shop stall tender, and many other roles have led me to conclude that his ability is apt.

Even then, it seems that his on screen charm is due to the way that he acts - somehow the way he takes the role and lives in on screen makes the show almost believable. It is not something that not everyone can do, but he really gives life to the character, injecting emotion and antics even to the role he is given. With his smile, its not surprise that he's an award winner.

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Buff Oldie

The one defining trait of Zheng Ge Ping is probably how fit he is for a guy in his fifties. See the pun? He is such a great fitness inspiration that has defied nature by building a body that would make young men in their 30s shudder with shame. Although he has been a Mediacorp actor for many years now and is considered to be a veteran, he has never been extremely popular amongst Singaporean viewers. However, I admire that he is still very much a family man and he has a wonderful and admirable relationship with fellow Mediacorp actress, Hong Hui Fang.

I honestly do not think he has acting skills that are exceptional and I would call them okay at best. However, he makes up for that by being very much in touch with social media and even keeps an active Instagram account in which he regularly posts pictures of himself at the gym or during filming sessions. This helps his fans keep up with him even when a serial featuring him is not airing on TV.

Kudos to him once again for achieving his fitness goals in style and determination. He also recently launched a brand new fitness book that you can all now get in bookstores.

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Despite his greying age, Zheng Ge Ping did not falter in the social networking realm. He is a currently a rare figure on screen albeit his veteran status. However, I do remember vividly when he acted as a feisty character in a shown in which the storyline and title was lost within my memory system. I only recalled his face. He exuded an intimidating aura. His brows were constantly furrowed. He screamed his brains out till the blue green veins at the corner of his neck bulged out in a 3D manner. His face was always masked with the red shade of fury. Impressive. Such realistic portrayal of his character.

Returning to the technology talk. I uploaded several mouth drooling pictures involving the edibles. Within seconds, a like notification plopped across my phone screen. It was Zheng Ge Ping. Not once, not twice. More than that! I had no relations with him and I'm still shrouded by wonder as to how he discovered my pictures. However, I am definitely not complaining. Celebrities approving your pictures. Now who wouldn't want that?

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Late risers

Zheng Ge Ping must have been with Mediacorp for more than twenty years. I had only taken notice of him in the recent years. When I said that, I meant I only knew his name in the recent years. Before that, I only knew that he was one of the supporting actors.

May be Mediacorp lacked people in the middle age group and after he crossed into that age group, he got more important roles and that in a way gave him more opportunity to perform. I really could not recall any roles he played before he crossed over to the middle age group.

He also became the talk of town when he showed off his well toned physique. For a man of his age, he really had a body to be proud of but I found it a bit sad for him needing to "出买色相" at this age to get noticed.

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Epitome of manly

Zheng Ge Ping defies logic. While usual men his age are developing paunches and beer bellies, Zheng Ge Ping is getting abs and a toned body, and I have reason to believe he looks better now as compared to the way he used to when he was younger.

Zheng Ge Ping usually deals with hero roles nowadays. He used to deal mainly with supporting roles that made him fade into the background, but ever since the media discovered the wonderful existence of this man's abs, he's been given manlier roles that almost always require him to save someone or something.

His acting is pretty good as well; Although the range of his characters aren't really extensive, he manages to bring each and every of his characters to life, and his acting is absolutely believable. He doesn't break into tears, but he sheds each one painfully, as if he's holding back the urge, and his voice cracks and breaks with the effort to hold them back. Every actor can probably cry with ease, but no one does holding back tears as flawlessly as Zheng Ge Ping.

I would like to see him in a greater diversity of roles though, as it gets predictable after a while seeing Zheng Ge Ping in hero roles twice or thrice in succession. I would like to see him as a worrywart uncle - now that'd be something new!

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Good looks and has the acting chops - he's the man!

Some people say men age like wine, and Zheng Ge Ping is the epitome of that.

Despite hitting the middle age, he is blessed with an eternal youthful look and a hot bod to boot - but that's not the only thing he can boast about. He has also built, along with that bod, a perfect family man image along with his celebrity wife Hong Huifang, leading to his steady popularity among Mediacorp actors, often winning the Top 10 Most Popular Male Actors awards especially in recent years.

His acting is also convincing, and he is a very flexible actor, taking on any roles, from retards to hooligans. He has also earned nods for best actor in Star Awards! Zheng Ge Ping is one actor that I wouldn't mind seeing more of in Mediacorp shows - bring him on, people!

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Hot bod

Middle-aged man can be hot and Zhen Geping is one fine example we have here in Singapore Entertainment Industry. Despite hitting almost 50 years old, he still looks like a 28 year old hunk with his well-defined abs and 6 packs, which he seem to be flaunting rather frequently. I think you can say, his well-defined body muscles are what led to a revival in his acting career.

His acting is pretty good and dramatic but previously, he wasnt able to get leading roles but usually claim supporting roles such as a villian or the lead's father etc. I have noticed him since then but what really made me turn wide-eyed was his transformation to a hunk (He always had a good body but he has been humbly showing off in social media) and that opened many career opportunities for him.

He is a true inspiration for people wishing to get fit, and for middle-aged people who may have entered a mid-life crisis. Of course, his acting just gets better each time!

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Eye candy enough to drool.

He has formed a large impression on me recently. After following him on the social media platform Instagram, i can see snippets of his daily life and am impressed with the ways he uses to maintain his lean physique.

He puts other young men to shame with his defined 6 pack abs which are every man's dream. He trains regularly and even adheres to a strict diet of high protein meals. I can see that he dedicates and puts in a lot of effort in keeping fit and in his acting career.

From the characters he acts, he always impart real emotions into the role, and one can tell that he had put his heart and soul in doing his best to portray the character of the role. What i admire about him is that at 40+ yrs of age, most men would just give up on themselves and let the beer belly grow up, but for him, he still has the determination to train regularly and on top of that manages his family and acting career.

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