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Averlynn Lim
Listing created by Averlynn Lim on December 04, 2012    

He joined mediacorp in the year 1971 and has been acting since then. He is one of the oldest actors and has just garnered an award at the 30th drama anniversary for his loyalty and earnest acting since he joined Mediacorp till now. 


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He has long been in the media industry from the days I started watching Channel 8 till today. He is a long standing veteran in the field of acting and many people look up to his as one of the 'da ge's (Big brother) in the acting field. In fact, while I have watched many of the shows that he appears in, I feel that the role that he takes always seem to match his real personality.

Off screen, he strikes me as a calm and friendly man, who has a pleasant face - almost fatherly - while being knowledgable about a lot of things. He never seems hurried, mostly smiling cooly as he watches on. The role that he gets, alsto reflect the calm exterior that he exudes most of the time. However, with the few instances where he gets a father role that is a bit more dramatic, you see a side of his amazing talent of acting. I still remember a scene that he acted in: he was a father, and being so furious, the anger on his face was so intense that he fainted in the show. The truth was that, it was so real that I actually asked my mother how the actors managed to do it - but that was a long time ago. Now I know that's what real acting is supposed to be like.

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Another iconic veteran

Chen Shu Cheng dazzled our television sets for what seemed like forever. Oh well, not exactly dazzled.

I recalled him acting as a wheelchair bound elderly or a feisty neighbour. His acting was so realistic even I was able to detect some sort of annoyance across the screen. Unfortunately, his crooked smile and dodgy spectacles were definitely no good of an image on him. I can't seem to shrug off the pedophile or chikopek vibe whenever I see him with those two combos. He needs a makeover.

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A joy to watch!

Being one of the oldest actors in mediacorp, i salute him for his loyalty towards his employer. He has been earnestly acting for a good 40 odd years, which not many people can do so. Many either branch out to doing other careers or pull out of showbiz entirely.

His acting is heartwarming and soul wrenching at best. Viewers can see that he really puts his heart and soul into portraying his character's character. Even though he is not young anymore, the railway tracks, marks on his face just increases his charm and that he is experienced in life and knowledgeable.

I do hope to see him continue on TV till a ripe old age.

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