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Averlynn Lim
Listing created by Averlynn Lim on December 04, 2012    

Born on june 24, 1976, he is an actor, model and TV host.  He has since ventured into the food industry and owns two restaurants.


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Good Ol Days

During the early days of watching the channels of Mediacorp, I used to see him acting in both English and Chinese shows. However, it seems that the media industry has expanded so large that i rarely see him anymore.

Despite that, during my younger days, I remember that he was one of the actors that I really liked because of his charming smile when he acted. The roles that he took on were usually audience friendly - and he managed to make the audience fall in love with the character he was playing.

While I haven't seen him appear on any shows recently, I do hope that he makes a come-back. I miss his acting.

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I used to see him across my television screens hosting some Mandarin language show. I recalled being lured by his humongous smile. It exuded warmth like no other. Frankly, my knowledge involving his personal matters was close to nil. I know his name. I know his face. That's it. Oh, but I do have this uncanny ability of detecting a likeable person when I see it and boy did that radar go off when Adam Chen flickered across my television sets.

He doesn't seem to own an anti-fanbase. Maybe not even an actual fan base? I am still baffled by how he doesn't own one! He conversed rather fluently. His gleaming teeth are arranged in perfect order, I dare say it is adequate enough to endorse a Colgate and Darlie brand. Which he did not, probably due to his declining popularity. Wait, he wasn't even that popular in the first place. Strange. That likeable factor is hard to come by and is a crucial key to success in this media industry. Apparently, that wasn't the case when it comes to Adam Chen. His roles in drama shows even deteriorated. I saw him acting as a redundant cameraman on a show involving journalists on Channel Eight. He was rarely sighted. Barely noticed. Why?

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