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Dick Lee is a Singaporean pop singer, composer, songwriter, and playwright. He is best known as a Singapore Idol judge, but often too as spokesperson for the New Asian generation.


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Internationally Recognized

I first saw Dick Lee when he was on the judging panel for Singapore Idol. He flaunted his knowledge for music and his feedbacks to the contestants were rather useful. He even showcased his chemistry with a piano on one of the episode. I recalled being impressed when I watched his fingers flew across the keyboard. His piece sounded like one made by a musical prodigy who was bred locally.

Apart from being the local Beethoven or Mozart, Dick Lee is also commendable when it comes to carving his name out within the international arts sector. I was amazed when I caught sight of his name featured across a banner displaying the international performing arts show; The Lightseekers.

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Local Talent

Mr Lee seems to be well acquainted with the music industry - not only was he a local composer of sorts in the past, his most memorable appearance was as a judge in the Singapore Idol series. However, despite his music background, he always struck me as someone who was humble and well-informed. Even his appearances on Singapore Idol showed him as a well-opinionated man who was kind with his feedback, although blunt sometimes. Yet, there has never been an episode of him ;ashing out mercilessly about the lack of talent to a contestant - most of the time is it a kind let down accompanied with a empathising face.

Other than his appearances on Singapore Idol, I rarely see him being recognised or promoted, actually. It makes me think about how little we know about our own local talent - if he is so talented, why aren't we looking at him and buying his music?

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Dick Lee is a famous Singaporean composer, lyricist and also past judge of Singapore Idol. Although he does not get out into the limelight very much, he works behind the scenes. He produces a lot of acclaimed musicals flavoured with local tastes. Some of his productions have been recently performed to good reviews.

He is the kind of guy who never grows old. He was around when I was born, and he is still around now. When on Singapore Idol, he was always the most charming judge of the lot. He offered good criticisms and tips but was never unnecessarily harsh. His lyrics are simple yet powerful. His songs are easy to sing along to, yet not kiddy.

Dick Lee will be around for long, I promise.

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The Mad Chinaman

I listened to his songs when I was very young. He was one Singaporean that can make us proud with his musical talents. He wrote songs and he had a good voice for singing also. The songs he wrote was also very representative of Singapore.

I understood he was also one of Singapore's most sought after song writers for a lot of famous Hong Kong stars. He had also sang a song together with the famous Hong Kong star Sandy Lam. I had also seen him played the piano, he looked so absorbed by his music.

When he was the judge at Singapore Idol, you could also see that he was not arrogant at all despite being such a talented person with so much success stories behind him.

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