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Shawn Lee Chuang Rui, born on 11 February 1990, is a Singaporean actor. He first came into prominence for his award-winning performance alongside Joshua Ang in the box office hit 'I Not Stupid' which was released in 2002.


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(Updated: January 19, 2014)

Innocent Charm

On the surface, Shawn seems to be a rather ordinary looking boy. But it seems that when he puts his heart to it, this boy is a talent. While he first debuted in the hit movie series "I not stupid" by Jack Neo, he always struck me as the boy who was a little silly looking, almost like -in Singaporean terms - a "Blur Sotong", but at the same time having a somewhat youthful appearance that demanded notice from the audience.

Compared the Joshua, he doesn't look sleek and tough - he's the entire opposite with the boy next door look. His eyes seem to be able to adapt to the role that he plays. In I not stupid, his eyes give off this sense of innocence that won me over. In his subsequent film, Home Run, also a Jack neo feature, his eyes were desperate and sad in most scenes, making me love his pitiful expression and his ability to portray emotions so well.

He deserves more roles, I haven't seen him featured in any recent films.

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Small boy, huge potential

Shawn Lee caught my attention with his superb acting skills in his debut movie "I Not Stupid". A story plot so predictable but close to our hearts. He managed to convince me that the show was just worth my tears. I remember vividly how Liu Kok Pin cried, and I just cried along with him. And "Home Run" was more than just another show of his. The simplest plots are the best tests to an actor's skills. And I think what he fared was simply remarkable. Kudos to this young boy. He's more than just one of Jack Neo's child actors.

An actor who touches the hearts of his audiences will always win. He's definitely one of them to really make it big one day.

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Not any mere teen actor

When Shawn Lee first appeared in his movie debut, 'I Not Stupid', he was merely a child, and I remember myself being amazed at his ability to burst into tears so seamlessly despite his young age at that point of time.

Fast forward a few years, Shawn Lee has definitely moved on from his innocent schoolboy act, and developed a bad boy persona as observed from his latest film works, and his acting is still as good as ever, if not better. In fact, I think he is one of the best looking males in the acting industry now, but I attribute this to my penchant for leaner and less bulky men.

After a prolonged period of not appearing in any dramas or movies, I was pretty much ecstatic when Jack Neo came up with the iconic 'We Not Naughty', which of course featured Shawn Lee as one of the male leads. His acting, like the past, was flawless, and he tore into one expression to another with the sort of expertise that you'd expect from someone like him who's been in the industry for so long.

His acting definitely surpasses that of several male actors in drama serials nowadays, and I patiently await the day in which he appears in a Channel 8 drama.

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Great guy

The star of 'I Not Stupid' and 'Home Run', Shawn Lee. The kids who were born in the 90s (myself included) would have an impression of him. After all, chances are that we watched him strut his stuff while we sat enthralled at his adventures. His performances in the aforementioned movies were what propelled him to fame, and showcased his talents as an actor. Who could say they didn't tear a bit watching him fight for the pair of shoes for his sister in 'Home Run'?

My personal opinion of him is extremely high - after all, I knew him personally since secondary school. We bump into each other every once in a while, and although we don't talk much now, I'll always be rooting for him. I may be a tad bias in this 'review', but I have a great opinion of this guy. He's a good actor, he is talented, and he is a friend. You go Shawn.

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I Not Stupid

I remember the first time I saw Shawn Lee on-screen was the movie, 'I Not Stupid' where he acts as the kid who has a really strict mum who wants him to score good grades and was punished whenever he could not get the correct answer. He also acted in Home Run which I think is a rather touching movie.

After he finished acting in the 'I Not Stupid' movies series, we do not get to see him that often on-screen. I think he is able to carry out the roles he play really well and does not make people feel awkward about his acting.

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Should do more to increase his profile.

Okay, he has acted in 5 movies, that's cool. But 5 movies in 10 years isn't exactly the kind of stuff you would expect from a supposed up-and-comer like him.

I have to discount his efforts in "Home Run" and "I Not Stupid". He was a child actor. The criteria for child actors are different than those expected of a grown actor in today's media. Now that he's all grown up, I feel that he should do more to market his abilities. During his hosting stint at last year's Young Talents Award, he seemed a little stiff and nervous. Understandably, it was his first time. But it's not his first time in front of a camera.

It would be sad if all he were to be remembered was just 'that kid in "I Not Stupid".

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(Updated: October 24, 2012)

Boy with dreams

I like watching shows that he stared in, including Home Run. I must say he is pretty talented as an actor, regardless in roles protraying as an innocent kid or a rebellious boy. That aside, I remember reading on newsapaper that he had decline one of Jack Neo's project to concentrate on his upcoming A levels examination at that point of time.

Maybe I am a little more bias to people who prioritise in their lives, upon hearing the news, my impression of him improved alot more. And from the news again, he did pretty well for his A levels examinations.

The fact that he is not acting currently (or I just didn't notice) probably gives me the impression of him pursuring something that he really loves. his dreams, other than just acting. Acting is probably just something he wanted to try it out in life or one of his hobbies.

Nonetheless, despite me wanting to watch more of his shows, I respect his choice of putting a stop to his acting career now and focus on what is more important to him. I do wish he can join in at leat one acting project once in a while to bring back the nostalgic skills we audiences are missing.

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Watch out for him in our industry

Because one day, he will cut a bigger name out for himself than anyone ever expected him to.

Shawn Lee made his dramatic entrance into our movie industry with a heart-breaking role and he played it to perfection. The right tears at the right moments, the varying pitches of his voice, the vulnerability and strengths of his character -- everything was tuned ingredients to a wonderful broth -- Liu Kok Pin.

Years down, he is still making movies except with darker characters. He plays them with as much expertise as before, but the image has taken a sharp turn. Instead of the heartache-worthy boy he was introduced as, he joined the ranks of Joshua Ang and got re-invented as a rebel. Quite a sexy transformation I'd say.

He plays his roles with deep sincerity and makes even the weirdest situations look believable. My favorite scene of his from the latest movie would be the face he made when he was telling a lady to push it for her childbirth. This dude's face is stretchy.

A star child and a teen talent, he will be something else bigger one day.

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Don't see this guy act anymore...

I will only be able to recognize Shawn Lee as the person who acted as the lead character in I Not Stupid and I Not Stupid Too, oh and not to forget the TV series. Other than those, I cannot recall any other time I've seen him in a show. Maybe it's just me not paying close attention to the local Chinese dramas, or maybe he's actually in a Chinese film right now but I have no clue because I rarely watch Chinese movies.

Shawn Lee is no doubt talented in his role. I remember his sad scene in I Not Stupid, where he cried after getting his result back and visiting his mother in the hospital... Superbly convincing, the way he cried and delivered his performance. It'd be such a waste he stopped acting, because I'm sure he could get a promising career if he pursues a career in the media industry.

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(Updated: October 22, 2012)

Movie Kid

I remember when the film "I not stupid" came out many years ago. Back then I was still a student and I was really just so in love with the whole movie because I could relate to it so easily. It was almost inevitable how I instantly liked the main characters, with their boyish charms and convincing acting.

Being one of the pioneer Jack Neo kids, Shawn is still one of the popular faces in the local movie productions, also occasionally appearing in television series. I very much enjoy his works, because they are always very convincing and I find that the roles are played well enough that he does not look like he is putting on an act. I would say that he gets an edge over his peers because of his humble-boy looks that never fail to gain the sympathy and hearts of little girls and aunties alike. Looks aside, the little boy in "I not Stupid" sure has grown much since the days. Putting on a more manly, gangster role in the recent movies and changing up his "typical" roles, displaying versatility.

One of our very few budding local talents which I feel can go a long way. Am really looking forward to seeing more promising performances!

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