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Listing created by Iswariya on October 18, 2012    

Aaron aziz is a Singaporean Malay actor. Due to his fine performances on the small screen in various English and Malay shows, he is largely known in Singapore and Malaysia.


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This man has balls

I am not a fan of Aaron Aziz but I must respect his achievements. Let's face it, you will not be able to make a living on Singapore screens or TV. Those with the guts to tackle the Malaysian market, have either tried and made it or failed in varying degrees.

Aaron is one of those successes. When even Malaysians sit up and take notice (positively or in the case of Zed Zaidi, brought out the bitch in that man) you know you must have done something right.

So Aaron, carry on and may your stars shine ever brighter and make us proud to have a son of Singapore do well in a foreign land.

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Aaron Aziz is blazingly applaudable!

I first saw him across my television screen on Suria in the show called ' Cinta Bollywood'. Such a breath of fresh air. The first Suria actor who appeased my set of eyes.

He then migrated to a Channel 5 show whereby he acted as a cop. The uniform was positively tight fitted around the arms and chest. I remembered his biceps threatening to burst apart the buttons sewn on the uniform. His arm muscles on the other hand, was on the verge of shredding the sleeves!

Sparking delight in the looks department, Aaron Aziz acting skill was beyond ordinary.

Broadening his horizons, he decided to flaunt his forte; acting, by conquering the Malay on-screen industry.

Boy, did he conquer it all! He reaped awards after awards.

Recognition in the acting department wasn't sufficient for him, he even unleashed his very own company!

This company contains Singapore's very own bred of talent, Sleeq.

Rookie companies are usually thought to be mediocre. However, I remembered watching the product of Aaron Aziz's ever so new company and Sleeq's collaborated video.

It was definitely a far cry from the word 'Mediocre'.

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