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Vincent Ng is a full-time actor and the founder of Wufang Singapore, a martial arts school. In 2011 Ng was nominated for the Spirit of Enterprise Award in recognition for his work in wushu training.


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One of my all-time favourite actor

He has always been one of my favourite actors (and still is) although he is significantly less active in the media industry. I love his natural acting skills, his fluency in delivering his lines and the ability to adapt to new character roles (no matter how diverse) and blend in with the rest of the cast.

What's even more wonderful is that he knows martial arts! Such a multi-talent! Who would be able to deny someone with such a handsome face and a great physique?

In some shows he starred in where he plays a learned martial arts instructor, I've always thought the moves were choreographed and that he didn't actually know anything about it. How (pleasantly) wrong was I when I found out he even had his own martial arts school.

I think it is highly commendable that he devotes his time out of acting to establish a school to pass on the traditional spirit of Wushu, keeping this beautiful art and technique alive.

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Mr Right

If I am a girl, Vincent Ng would undoubtedly be the man of my dreams. Boyish good looks, perfect bod, wushu exponent well trained in the killing arts in case me, a wee damsel is ever in distress. He's got a bright future too, what with getting the Enterprise Award and all that. So he really is the perfect man out there.

Sadly, if reports are to be believed, his ex-gf broke up with him because he was 'too nice'. What the hell, right? If a guy like Vincent can lose a gal over 'niceness', what chance does ordinary nice guys like me have?!

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(Updated: November 22, 2012)

Unexpectedly nice

Prior to my first real-life interaction with him, all I knew about Vincent Ng was his good look, muscular body and expertise in Wushu. I assumed that he, being quite well-known as an actor, has a arrogant character.

I was wrong.

Once, I accidentally collided into him but he apologised to me first. He did not show any annoyance, unlike how I expected him to react. On top of that, he even gave me a friendly smile.

Vincent Ng is the general Wushu Coach at my Secondary school, one who is known as a celebrity with no airs. I have personally witnessed him coaching my friends very patiently and wholeheartedly.

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